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14-year-old Daughter Battling A Fatal Liver Disease From Birth Needs Urgent Surgery To Survive

“My father has been sick for a long time. Recently he needed to get his toes amputated. My mother had a stroke 2 years ago. She is still recovering. I did not want to trouble them by telling them my jaundice was getting worse.” - Peyusha
14-year-old Peyusha’s life has not been normal for a long time. While on the outside she looks like any other cheeky teenager, there is a dark cloud over her family troubling everyone with a health issue. While her parents were sick, Peyusha’s health was failing. It was only when she could not bear the pain did they realize that their little girl’s life is in grave danger.

She was born with an illness and had to be on a strict diet all her life

Prameela has been single-handedly managing the household ever since her husband’s illness stole his ability to work. Together they established an internet cafe 10 years ago, so the family will have a stable source of income. They are also dependent on farming to keep afloat. Despite their struggle, Prameela and Raju managed to give their daughters Peyusha and Shishira a comfortable life.
“Peyusha was 3.5 years old when we noticed her eyes turning yellow. Before we knew it, she was vomiting blood. When we went to the doctor, we discovered she had Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis which is a rare disease that affects both the liver and kidneys and can become fatal if we do not treat it. I was heartbroken! Our doctor said she needed lifelong treatment for the disease and a strict diet.”

Her liver condition has turned critical and she needs an urgent transplant

Peyusha has always been told that she has jaundice. All the diet restrictions were tough on her, but she cooperated. She has been on medication for 10 years. Her parents kept a close watch on her until their health began to fail. When her mother fell sick, Peyusha had to take care of herself. Slowly, her condition began getting worse. She did not want to add to their trouble and kept to herself every time a new symptom appeared.
“2 months ago, we noticed that she looked jaundiced. We went back to the doctor who referred us to another hospital. They said her disease was getting worse and she needs a liver transplant to stay alive.

Rs. 10000 family income has not been enough to get by

Shishira is still in college pursuing MSc in Microbiology. She was hoping to graduate and put an end to her family’s issues. Now, with Peyusha requiring an urgent liver transplant, she is unsure of how she will pay college tuition.

Amma, Appa and Peyusha’s medicines are expensive. It has been a struggle for Amma to keep the internet center running and oversee the farmland. At the max, we make Rs. 10,000 which is all gone at the end of the month. We are feeling so stressed thinking about this, and how we are going to get through it in one piece.”

How you can help

Peyusha is very strong. She is well-acquainted with hospitals and medical procedures, yet fear creeps up on her. She feels this might be the end and her family is doing everything to prove her fears wrong. The surgery is estimated to cost Rs. 12.5 lakhs. She needs a new liver as soon as possible otherwise; the cirrhosis will take her life.

Your contribution will save Peyusha and give some solace to her troubled family.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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