The Large Growth On His Stomach Made Him Suffer for 12 years, Now A Liver Disease Can Kill Him | Milaap
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The Large Growth On His Stomach Made Him Suffer for 12 years, Now A Liver Disease Can Kill Him

I couldn’t move anymore, I didn’t feel like eating, and my body swelled up so much that taking even a single breath was so painful. It was as if... as if I was dying, but slowly.” 
- Pawandeep 

For so many years I lived my life in complete darkness, unaware of my disease

Pawan’s stomach started to bulge when he was 14 years old. His family didn't know why it was happening, and they visited several hospitals to try and get him treated. But none of the prescribed medicines worked, and his stomach kept getting bigger and bigger.

Medicines gave me only temporary relief. It could not take away my problem completely. It was only when it became this massive tumour that my pain and problem was taken seriously. After 12 years it was finally diagnosed as a hernia and if that wasn’t enough I was told I had liver disease also. My family and I were... we were shattered.” - Pawandeep

“I come from a poor family. My father is a daily wager who works on farmlands in our village. My family couldn’t afford my education after my 12th grade, so I went to town and started working as a security guard. Of whatever I got, I saved some for my education and the rest I spent on my medicines. But after my health deteriorated I couldn’t live my life as I wanted. I became a burden for my family.” - Pawandeep

13 years of suffering can finally come to an end but…

“He thinks he is a burden on us but he is all I have. By Waheguru’s grace and help from so many kind-hearted people, his hernia surgery was done in November last year. But his liver, it is still not cured and I am helpless.” - Sohan Singh, father

Pawan needs a final procedure to end all of this for good. The treatment will cost them 5 lakh rupees but they can’t afford it.

"Please save my child. I beg you!"

With his tumour-like hernia gone, Pawan is halfway through his journey to a normal and healthy life. He just needs liver treatment now. Without your help, all the struggle will go in vain and he might not be able to make it. You are his only hope.