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Buried In Debt, This Single Mother Struggles To Save Her Son Who Is Suffering From A Deadly Cancer

Right now, my son is so weak that even if he tries to walk, he keeps falling. He keeps telling me, ‘Mumma, please leave me, let me die. Where will you get so much money from?’ – Rani, Pavan’s mother

19-year-old Pavan is suffering from a deadly form of blood cancer. In just 2 months, Pavan’s condition has deteriorated so much that now, his only chance of staying alive depends on his urgent treatment. But, Rani is a single mother, burdened with debts, struggling to even buy food for her son. She has nothing to save her son’s life.

It was just 2 months ago that Pavan was diagnosed with cancer

Just over 2 months ago, Pavan got some sort of acne on his body. Soon it spread all over and just wasn’t going away. After seeing the doctor, they got to know that he’s affected with a rare form of leukemia.

"My heart sank. This happened so suddenly, I was just shocked. We started his chemotherapy by the end of April (2018) but this has been so brutal. He keeps vomiting so many times a day. He can’t even stand by himself and he has just dropped to the ground so many times. He rarely gets good sleep too and keeps telling me, ‘I can’t bear such a heavy treatment. My body is too weak.’.” Rani

The 19-year-old is diagnosed with a Philadelphia chromosome acute lymphoblastic leukemia which is a very rare form of blood cancer. This has spread so rapidly in Pavan’s body and if he doesn’t undergo an urgent bone marrow transplant, he could lose his life in a few months even with chemotherapy.

Pavan is now in a lot of pain. He is depressed and feels responsible for the family's burden.

“Pavan was an extremely talkative and funny person. He would make us laugh all the time. Now, he doesn’t even utter a single word. He was 57 kilos and within just a month he’s 50 kilos. He lost so much weight so quickly. I can’t sleep every night too. I just stay up and look at him and cry. I can’t believe that his life can just end without the transplant.”

Haritha (22 years old), Pavan, and Rani at the hospital

Rani's husband was an alcoholic who passed away, leaving Rani with their two young children

Rani’s husband was an alcoholic who passed away 18 years ago. Pavan was just a year old then. Regardless of poverty, Rani has not only raised Pavan and her elder daughter Haritha but has also managed to give them a good education. Rani is uneducated but she has been working as a tailor all these years and earns around Rs. 250/day.

Until now, Rani has borrowed Rs. 5 lakhs from her friends and relatives to help her son undergo chemotherapy and other treatments.  Every time she takes him for a checkup, it costs around Rs. 2000. She has absolutely nothing left and Pavan’s worsening condition cannot be cured without a life-saving bone marrow transplant. For this, Rani is in desperate need of Rs. 25 lakhs and she cannot save her son without this amount.

"My mother and brother helps me with food. Every time we go and come back from the hospital, I borrow Rs. 400 to pay for our transport, that’s how bad our condition is. Last year, Pavan was involved in a bike accident and he broke his right hand. 2 rods were put inside his hand and I had to borrow a lot of money then too"- Rani.

How you can help

No one is willing to loan Rani more money because she hasn’t been able to repay her previous loans. As a single mother she is fighting alone to save the life of her son. As each day passes, Pavan is becoming dangerously ill. With our support, Rani can save her son's life.

Your support will save 19-year-old Pavan and ensure that he lifts his family out of poverty.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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