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3-year-old Cannot Go To Preschool Because She Has To Fight Cancer For The Next 2.5 Years

"She was all set to start her preschool. She made up a small calendar, counting the days for the school to start. We had prepared her to greet her teachers and share her snacks with other kids. We were all waiting eagerly for her first day but she does not go to school now, instead she goes to hospital every other day to take painful injections and chemo. She does not know that the only friends she'll make for the next 2.5 years are the nurses and doctors. - Prashanthi, Mother.

Cancer couldn't take away the spirit of this resilient baby

Parnika was a very active kid. She used to climb all over everything, even before she could walk. It was just 2 months back, when she got fever for the first time. Despite taking medicines, it kept recurring. When her blood count dropped drastically, her parents knew that it was something serious but they were not prepared to hear the horrifying word 'cancer.'  She has a cancer that affects blood and bone marrow, it can spread rapidly to other parts if left untreated.

"The only time she cries is when she has injections, but it is easy to bring a smile to her face. She likes bike rides and this is why she never throws tantrums when we take her to hospital in bike. We told her that we are shaving her head for the summer and she readily agreed. She has made a lot of friends in the hospital, she waves her hands to everyone who smiles at her.  If not for her smile, we would have never got the strength to bear this cruelty."  -  Prashanthi.

My husband has quit his job and takes care of our daughter

Parnika has just started with the treatment and she is destined to spend her precious childhood days, the next 2.5 years in hospital. The road to her recovery is going to be long, painful and challenging. However, her parents are determined to cheer her up all the day. They spend all the time with her, they tell her stories and play games together. They even teach her alphabets and numbers so that she does not miss anything that the other kids of her age do.

"Unlike other kids, she is not attracted to mobile phones. She likes outdoor games but now we can't take her anywhere else because she is prone to infections. No matter what we do, the pain is hers, we can't share it. All we can do is to be with her all the time, keep her happy as much as possible. Our biggest nightmare is to see her smile changing to painful cries, we won't let it happen" - Prashanthi.

"I have run out of my insurance cover also, without help I cannot save my daughter"

Parnika's father, Nalli Sasi, was working as a project manager in a private company. He was earning Rs 27,000 per month.  Having quit his job, he has absolutely no income now. He exhausted all his savings for the treatment. His insurance covered only 2 lakh. His relatives and friends are helping him to continue with the treatment. He needs Rs 12 lakh for the chemotherapy which he cannot arrange without your help.

3-year-old Parnika, a cheerful girl who spreads positivity everywhere is now battling a deadly cancer. Her life will be confined to hospital for next 2.5 years. Her parents have no income now and they need your help to save their only child. Your contribution can gift her a new life.

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  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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