This 25-year-old Woman, Mother of Three Children, has to Undergo an urgent Intestinal Transplant Surgery, after the Car Wheels went over her Stomach | Milaap
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This 25-year-old Woman, Mother of Three Children, has to Undergo an urgent Intestinal Transplant Surgery, after the Car Wheels went over her Stomach

25 –year-old Parimala is a mother of three children. While she was walking home from the hospital with her 4-year-old son, she was knocked down by a car. She shoved her young boy out of the way to save his life but she was caught in the wheels. It went over her stomach and damaged her intestines. Unfortunately, the impact of the tragic accident is severe than one could ever imagine and she never got better after that.

Parimala in hospital

She weighs only 20 kilos and she cannot walk

The horrific accident took place on Sep 23rd, 2016, a few kilometers away from her house. She was rushed to the hospital. Her intestines were totally collapsed and she had to undergo an operation immediately to remove the damaged intestines. A bag was fixed on her stomach and soon after 20 days, she underwent another surgery to fix the remaining intestines in her body. Since then she is unable to eat. She hardly eats anything and suffers from continuous dysentery and vomiting. 

Her weight dropped down drastically to 20kilos. She is too weak to walk or do anything by herself. She is undergoing treatment so that she can eat food and gain weight. Now she weighs 28 kilos, thanks to the medicines. Doctors are trying their best to make it possible for her to gain weight naturally without medicines. She has to undergo an Intestinal transplant to recover completely.
Parimala with her husband

The little one who witnessed the accident is traumatized

Parimala is emotionally exhausted. Her mother-in-law takes care of her 3 children and her husband has given up the job to take care of her. She cannot stop thinking about the future of her children. She looks like a bag of bones and unfortunately, her children are scared seeing her. She is glad that she could save her child from the worst impact of the accident. The poor little one hardly understands what had happened but he is yet to come out of the shock. She feels sad for not being with them.
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She hardly eats any food and she eats less than her kids. Doctors were not able to insert cannula on her hands so it is inserted into her breast. She depends on her husband even to use the toilet. She gathered up all strength and tried to walk on her own, but she fell down and got hurt. Her own body has become a burden to her.

Parimala with her husband, after the accident

"No woman can endure this pain. The worst impact of the accident is not the physical pain but mental trauma I’m undergoing. It is so unfortunate that my own children are scared to come near me. My one-year-old kid doesn’t recognize me as a mother anymore. They feel strange to see their father carrying me to the toilet. They have not touched me ever since the accident took place"

Parimala's husband has no money even to eat

Parimala’s husband is completely devastated on seeing his wife suffering like hell. He has been taking care of Parimala like a child and helping her to cope with the miseries. He works as a laborer and he was forced to quit the job to take care of her. He left no stone unturned in trying to raise money for the treatment. Now he has reached the stage where he has to borrow money even to eat.  He skips meals and trying to save every penny to save his wife.

"I’m surprised to see Parimala showing tremendous mental strength throughout this entire ordeal and she never stopped smiling. I could see her suffering but not even once she complained about it. She is giving me hope and she talks only about our children. "

Parimala with her younger daughter

How can you help

Parimala’s husband is the only breadwinner of the family. He works as a laborer and earns Rs 8,000 per month. Now that he has given the job he has absolutely no income. He needs money for the surgery, besides that he has to take care of his three children. He has already borrowed heavily. Your support can help this mother stay alive for her little kids.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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