12-year-old Pallavi Has Dropped Out Of School To Fight Cancer, And Her Father Is Struggling To Save Her Life | Milaap
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12-year-old Pallavi Has Dropped Out Of School To Fight Cancer, And Her Father Is Struggling To Save Her Life

“In 10th standard when every student will be preparing to write the biggest examination of their lives yet, my daughter has to drop out of school to fight the battle against death.”

Pallavi is 12 years old. She had a normal childhood until last year. A boil on her clavicle turned her life upside down. When she should really be in school, Pallavi spends 15 days in class, and 15 days on the hospital bed. Now, she must say goodbye to all her friends as she steps into the biggest struggle of her life against the most ruthless form of cancer.

What they thought was a boil turned out to be cancer

Veeresh and Lakshmi are from a small town called Gangavathi in Karnataka. Here, they own a tiny shop that sells milk, curd, and few provisions. Pallavi is their oldest child, followed by Sagar. Veeresh’s biggest worry so far was not having enough money to give his children a good education.

“She got a small boil on her left clavicle. You always think it is the heat, and neglect it. Here, it just got bigger. We went to the hospital, they said it is a tumor and she needed surgery. I had the BPL card, so we got it done. She was fine. We went home. At the time, we never knew it was a malignant tumor, that it was cancer.”

This is one relentless disease that keeps coming back to claim her life

A few months later, Pallavi got another tumor on her forehead. Alarmed, her parents went back to the hospital. The doctors said that the biopsy showed it was Ewing’s Sarcoma, and it had metastasized. The treatment was very expensive and Veeresh pleaded with the doctor for help.

“They asked us to go to Kidwai in Bangalore. So, we went and got chemotherapy every other week for 1 year. The next tumor appeared in her lungs. Kidwai turned us towards HCG. Her condition is getting critical, and time is slipping away. Pallavi now needs aggressive chemotherapy to get rid of this disease.”

Whenever Pallavi loses hope, her father is right there to give her more

As a 12-year-old fighting cancer that is attacking her bones, Pallavi is frightened out of her mind. She cries constantly, from pain. Unable to explain what chemo has been doing to her, she throws temper tantrums. Her parents understand and just console her by saying that everything is going to be fine soon.

“I know there is not much I can say to distract her or take the pain away. I just want to give her enough strength to hold strong and fight until she is cancer free.”

How can you help

Veeresh has spent over Rs. 10 lakhs trying to save Pallavi. All his life savings are now gone leaving him with nothing left for the biggest fight yet. He needs Rs. 13,34,450 to continue chemotherapy.

Your contribution will give this 12-year-old girl the chance to live the rest of her life free of cancer.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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