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All She Wanted Was To Be A Mother, Now Her Life Is At Risk

Padma and Sharat wanted a child to complete their life and they got the good news,not once but twice. First time,the child died in the womb and now, the pregnancy had to be terminated due to complications. This time it isn’t just the baby, Padma’s life is at risk too.

They removed  the baby from her but the operation resulted in multiple organ complications. Did we ask for too much?... I don’t want to lose her” - Sharat

All this couple wanted was to be parents but their situation is against them. Now her life is in danger and their dreams are far from reality.

I thought this time I can see my baby’s face but…

Padma, after losing her first child, was very cautious this time. She made sure that she ate well, slept well and did everything possible to keep her baby safe. All efforts were futile and once again she couldn’t even see her baby. 

I did what every middle-class man could

Sharat thought he had it all covered with the medical insurance but only Rs50,000 could be claimed under pregnancy complications. He spent all his savings and borrowed money too but still, he is not able to gather the required money.

“I wanted to secure my family’s future with little investments, but nothing seems to work now, my salary is not enough to save my wife.” - Sharat

If treatment is not done, all her organs may get damaged and I may lose my wife

Complications caused Internal bleeding and complete Renal shutdown. Her Kidneys are not functioning and require immediate dialysis without which her entire body will get affected. The treatment will cost 12 lakh and without which Padma will not survive.

“Her Kidneys are failing and I am unable to save her. I just want her back healthy. I... I don't want kids, I just want her to be okay.”- Sharat

She still has hope to become a mother and Sharat is struggling to save his wife. With your help, both battles can have a happy ending. She has good scope of recovery and the only barrier is their financial condition.

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