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This Mother Woke Up To Find Her Leg Amputated After A Horrific Accident

“When I woke up in the hospital, I saw that my right leg was amputated. I was in shock. The pain was intense, but all I could think about was if my husband was okay.  The last thing I remember is the lorry speeding towards me, and my husband calling out to me…everything after that is a blur.” - Pachaiyammal.

I saw the lorry wheels running over her leg, it is still haunting me

On that fateful day, Muruganandam and Pachaiyammal were returning from a wedding in Kalahasti on a scooter. While Muruganandam tried to avoid a speeding lorry, he did not notice the speed breaker ahead of them. Muruganandam fell on his side, before he could get up and help Pachiayammal who fell on her back, the lorry wheels ran over her right leg. She fell unconscious and was taken to a nearby hospital.

"I was shocked when doctors said her right leg is infected and it has to be amputated. I broke down, I begged them, asked if there was any other options but they said infections will kill her if we don't remove her leg. We had no other choice," - Muruganandam.

Pachaiyammal with her family

My daughters are trying to stay strong for her 

Pachiayammal has two daughters - Mary (24) who works as a Nurse and Mercy (22), a final year college student. At first, they completely broke down but very soon they gathered all their strength and put up a brave front. They are now taking care of their mother day and night.

"They were standing next to my wife and waited for her to open her eyes. When she found out that she has lost her leg, she was crying frantically, it was my daughters who consoled her." - Muruganandam

Without help, her suffering will be endless

Pachaiyammal had minor infections in her left leg too and it was operated. She needs soft tissue cover for skin loss and further treatment. Muruganandam works as an electrician and plumber in a private college in Chennai. He earns Rs 13,000 per month. It was only last week he started going to work again after the accident. He needs 13 lakhs to continue the treatment and there is no way he can arrange for it without any help.

"I have borrowed money from everyone I know, my daughters are also asking their friends for help but whatever little we get is not enough even to buy medicines. She is in so much of pain. I already feel guilty for all this, if I fail to save her life, I can never forgive myself." - Muruganandam

Pachaiyammal endures all the pain and trauma for her daughters. All she wants now is to get better and be as independent as possible, without being a burden on her family. Only your support can help her.

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   The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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