2-year-old Miracle Baby With Liver Failure Needs Urgent Help To Survive For The Third Time | Milaap
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2-year-old Miracle Baby With Liver Failure Needs Urgent Help To Survive For The Third Time

“For 8 years, we went to so many doctors, almost every temple, and spent all we had just to realize a dream of having a baby. She was born premature. For 3 months, I was not even able to hold her. We went home from the ICU and hoped that the worst was behind us. Today, we are back here in the hospital, trying to save her life again. The worst part is, I have not held her in over a year. I am afraid I’ll never get the chance.” – Balaji, Father

Oviya is 2 years old. She’s a fighter. No only did she survive a premature birth, but also fought a tumor within the first few months of her life. Her strength is now waning from advanced liver failure. She slips further away every second that they delay her liver transplant.

2 years of life, 2 years of pain, and less than 14 days left to save her

Oviya weighed only 650gms at birth. Not many babies with that birth weight survive. She was on the ventilator for months. Every breath hurt, and still, she emerged stronger. Even after she was discharged, Nirmala (mother) knew her daughter was sick. At 6 months, the symptoms were hard to ignore - white patches on her skin, persistent itching, and incessant crying. The family had been trying to find a diagnosis with no luck. Finally, at 8 months, they discovered that Oviya had a liver tumor.

"She needed a surgery to remove the tumor. We were told there is a chance she would not survive surgery, but there was no other way to save her. Thankfully she made it but that was not the end. Our daughter was not growing like other children. I don’t mean height or weight. She was not responding to us. She was not rolling, crawling or sitting. She does not even make any sound other than crying." - Nirmala.

Jaundice was expected at first, but it never subsided

Oviya’s eyes grew more yellow. She became more tired. Medicines did not help, nor did transfusions. Every 15 days, they rushed her to the hospital as her stools turned white, stomach bloated and body became completely yellow.

"Recently we found out that her liver is completely damaged. She cannot survive without a liver transplant. We don’t have time. She is getting worse every hour. We have to keep relieving the pain in her stomach from the swelling. She vomits if she eats. So she does not eat at all. She has a high fever and has not slept in over 15 days. We have to sedate her to keep her alive.” - Nirmala

"I sold my house for the treatment but it is not enough"

Balaji was working as a project manager in a private company and it was shut down in 2010. Shortage of jobs forced him to work as a house broker through which he earns around 5,000 per month. A share of Rs. 10 lakhs from ancestral property sale helped with Oviya's treatment so far. Now, he has nothing left for the transplant that will cost Rs. 20 lakhs.

“She is in so much pain that she cries if I try to hold her. Oviya is comfortable only with her mother. I am so scared that I won’t be able to save her. We do not have money even for pre-transplant tests or medicines, leave alone the whole transplant procedure.” - Balaji
2-year-old Oviya is a miracle baby who has been battling for her life from birth. Her father is currently finishing the paperwork for her transplant. Unless he gets the funds, he cannot even proceed with donor tests. 

Oviya's life is in danger and a transplant in the next 15 days can save her life. Your contribution is the only way this family can keep their daughter alive.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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