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Bangle Seller's Cheerful 3-Year-Old Fighting Cancer Needs Help But It's Beyond Her Father's Means

3-year-old Omera is very fond of her father. She thinks Nayeem, has the best job in the world. She loves how he is always around colourful bangles. ‘I want to sell bangles too Abbu,’ says chirpy little Omera.
“Only if I could tell her that my job is not enough to save her from the dangerous disease she has. My little girl has cancer and even if I work extra hours, I can never afford the treatment. Everyday, I live in the fear that the disease will take her away from me forever,” - Nayeem, father.

A day after her birthday they got to know about Omera’s disease

Omera has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - a type of blood cancer that affects the bone marrow and white blood cells. She is very weak and prone to infections. She can hardly leave her home now. She often complains of body ache too.

 An old photo of little Omera 

“It all started with a pain in her leg. We thought it was because she was always running around the house. But when it didn’t get better with time we took her to a doctor. It was a day after her birthday when we got to know that it was not weakness or growth pain but cancer. I held Omera close to me and cried but she didn’t know what was wrong with her,” - Rubeena.

She is only 3 and she is going through so much pain - I can’t do anything for her

Omera has already finished 2 cycles of her chemotherapy and it has already started taking a toll on her body. She feels nauseous all the time and can’t eat anything. She lies down in bed and listens to stories that Rubeena tells her. But despite all her pain, she doesn't want to miss out on playing with her father. That's one thing that brings an instant smile on her face. 

“I smile and play along with her but in my mind I am always thinking about her treatment. She needs 2 more cycles of chemo, doctors told us that she is responding well to the treatment. But I have nothing left with me to continue her chemo sessions. My relatives have already helped me a lot, now even they don’t know what to do,” - Nayeem.

The desperate parents need your help

Nayeem doesn’t have a fixed income - the day he makes a better sale, he gets some extra amount. Otherwise, every day is a struggle for them. He is the only one taking care of his wife and 2 children (Omera and Aymaan). With no help, he will never be able to save his little daughter.

“She is the apple of our eyes - we all love her so much. It breaks my heart to think that we will lose her if we are unable to afford her treatment. I have already spent about 2 lakhs, but I need about 4.5 lakhs more. A little help from you can save my daughter’s life.”

Little Omera is fighting deadly cancer. She is undergoing chemotherapy and is responding well to it. She needs 2 more cycles of chemo but her father can't afford it. You can extend a helping hand to save the 3-year-old 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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