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3-Year-Old With Severe Complications Following Bacterial Blood Infection, Needs Your Help To Survive

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Her neighbours and friend would always describe 3-year-old Olivia to be a ball of energy. The little girl would never sit still and used to run around her house, brimming with smiles and spirit. But now when they meet her, they feel as though she has turned into a completely different person. She walks very slowly, that even her 1-year-old brother is able to crawl faster than her.

The reason for her sudden change is the a dangerous bacterial infection that almost claimed her life, last month. She spent nine days in the ICU, on ventilator support. Her parents thought they would lose her, but she bounced back from the worst. However, she is still not completely out of the woods, and needs treatment for problems that remain, like her slow heart rate due to cardiac dysfunction that happened because of the infection. She experiences body pain and a lot of discomfort too.

“Olivia has become so weak. She eats very little and complains of tummy pains all the time. Her tummy is a bit swollen too. Sometimes I look at her old videos to remember how healthy and active she once was.” – Surya, mother, tearfully.

Olivia, before and after she was on ventilator support in the ICU

The infection had severely affected almost all of her vital organs

Baby Olivia’s troubles began unexpectedly one day when she started throwing up and passing loose stools continuously. She was even running a high fever. Her parents took her to a local hospital near her home in Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka and she was given medicines. But they didn't work and her condition worsened. She had to be rushed to the ICU, because she fell unconscious. She had to be put on ventilator support as she could not breathe properly.

We were so shocked when the doctors informed us over the course of the next few days that almost all of her vital organs – the brain, heart, kidneys and even liver – were badly affected by the bacterial blood infection. It is a miracle that she is still alive now as her body has gone through the worst” - Surya.

Despite their financial troubles, these parents want to save their child at any cost

Olivia’s father, Udaya works as a painter and is the sole breadwinner of the four-member family consisting of his wife, Udaya, 3-year-old Olivia and 1-year-old David. He has spent all his savings on Olivia’s treatment till now and has not a rupee left. Things have become so hard for this family that they have shifted to Udaya’s parent’s house as a result of not being able to pay rent anymore. He is dependent on the mercy of his old parents to feed and house his children during this difficult time.

We have been incurring debt after debt for the sake of our little girl. It is not her fault that this happened to her, is it? But we are worried that no one will loan us money anymore as we are unable to pay it back, even in installments. We are in a very helpless situation.” - Udaya, father.

Olivia’s parents need to take Olivia to the hospital regularly now to seek treatment for her heart condition. She needs to be continuously monitored as she is still in a delicate state despite being out of the ICU.

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Patient Olivia is 4 years old, living in Kolar, Karnataka
Being treated in Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for sepsis with myocarditis

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