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This 4-Year-Old Will Never Be Able To Hear Or Speak Without Urgent Help

“The only word that she can say is Amma. But even that is faint and unclear. She is 4 years old, but we have not been able to put her in a playschool yet because of her disability. She is our only child and we want her to grow up normally. But we don’t have the means to afford her treatment,”-Nirmala, mother.

4-year-old Nivedhya suffers severe hearing loss in the left ear and complete hearing in the right ear. She has a temporary hearing aid but it is not helping her that much. She will need an advanced, surgical hearing aid to hear and speak well. Her parents want to get her this surgery as soon as possible; their poor finances are the only obstacle that is stopping them.

‘She cannot even walk properly’

Right from the time little Nivedhya started to walk, her mother Nirmala has always accompanied her wherever she went. Even if it is a short trip to the kitchen from the living room, Nivedhya cannot make it on her own. The reason? She has no balance due to her ear problem and risks falling down.

“My poor daughter wants to play with the neighborhood kids but I don’t let her. I worry that she might not hear when they talk to her from a distance and this might lead to ridicule. I cannot see her in tears. I just wish she becomes alright soon so that she can go to school,”-Nirmala.

‘We wish we weren’t so poor...we would have gotten her treated much earlier’

Nivedhya’s doctors have told her parents Nirmala and Dinendra Kumar that she needs the surgery to attach the advanced hearing aid as soon as possible – the earlier, the better chances of it being a success. They tried arranging for funds immediately, but couldn’t get more than a few thousands. Dinendra Kumar is a daily wager who earns very less when he finds work and nothing when he doesn’t. The lakhs required for their child’s treatment is completely beyond their means.

“When we ask people for help, they say things like ‘Oh but your child is fine no, she does not have a deadly disease or anything. Why should we help?’ We don’t know what to do. We want her to have the gift of hearing. We want her to grow up and become successful, and have a good life. Is that too much to ask for as parents?” – Nirmala

With your kind help, Nivedhya will be able to hear and speak clearly.    

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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