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This 7-year-old Fought Cancer Once, And Now A Relapse Is Threatening His Life

I am a farmer, but I had to sell my land. My wife is a tailor, but she had to quit her job. Now we are trying to piece it together by saving his life. When we realized our son had cancer, our world fell apart.  

Nithin is 7 years old. He was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was 3 years old. After a long fight, we beat it, together. Now, it is back and stronger than ever. My son is scared something may happen to him. All we have been able to do this time is promise him that he will be safe. He needs a bone marrow transplant to beat cancer.

The struggle with cancer the first time was tough enough

My name’s Rangaswamy. My wife Bhavani and I have two daughters and a son. We are from Davangere. Here I am working as a farmer toiling on someone else’s land. I get around Rs. 300/day.

When our son was 3 years old. He had a fever for over a month. No medicine was able to help him. We took him to several hospitals before landing at Mangalore KMC where he was diagnosed with blood cancer. When the doctor told us, our hearts broke. He was so little. We were not ready to lose him. 

We sold everything we had for his treatment at NH. He won the fight.

He needs another chance to kick cancer out of his life

Just when we thought the past is behind us, Nithin began complaining of leg pain. He could not even walk. We rushed him here hoping it was not what we feared. Fate plays terrible games with you sometimes. Nithin’s cancer has relapsed. It is metastasizing. He needs aggressive chemotherapy followed by a bone-marrow transplant. 

We lost everything the last time. My wife quit her job to take care of him. So we are basically living on Rs. 9000/month, half of which goes towards his medicines. I cannot afford the treatment this time. He had his first chemo session this week. Nithin is strong. He can beat it. We just have to support him.

He knows he has cancer

Everyone thinks our son has no clue what is happening. He has suffered so much the first time that he figured it out. He knows he has cancer. He knows what those injections are for. He understands everything and he is scared to death.

How you can help

3 was too young, 7 is too young. Cancer has to go. This is my son’s life. It is going to take Rs 20 Lakhs to save him. The surgery is a cure, and we need your help this time.

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