He Was Abandoned By His Father For Being Sick, Now His Mother Struggles To Save Him Alone | Milaap
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He Was Abandoned By His Father For Being Sick, Now His Mother Struggles To Save Him Alone

Tara has been through a lot in the past few months. From finding out that her baby has a heart disease to being abandoned by her husband – her entire life changed in an instant. But this young mother doesn’t think about herself, her only priority is her 1-year-old Nishanth. He’s the only reason she hasn’t given up yet. How can she? He has a serious heart disease and she has just 15 days to save him.

He hasn’t grown in the past 5 months, all his milestones – stalled

Baby Nishanth is a little more than a year old now, but his weight is still what it was when he was 7-months-old – that’s’ when his heart disease was diagnosed. Since then, he hasn’t grown. He can’t sit up without support, let alone stand. His teeth haven’t even started growing yet.

“He looks like any other baby, you might think he’s even happy…he is for a few minutes. After playing for a little while he starts getting breathless, his lips, fingers and toes start turning blue. This keeps happening more often now. The doctors say his condition is critical.”

Nishanth needs a surgery in 15 days to survive.

Tara's husband left her after their baby was diagnosed

After his diagnosis, Nishanth only got sicker. Tara knew she couldn’t get him treated in their village in Gujarat. She was asked to take him to a bigger hospital in Hyderabad. Tara was determined, she knew her baby had a chance now.

“But my husband decided he couldn’t do this anymore. He doesn’t believe that a surgery can save him, he left us when we need him the most. He said he had nothing else to help. I couldn’t let that stop me no? I brought him here on my own. Now I’ve been calling him for Nishanth’s birth certificate, he doesn’t pick up because he thinks I’m calling for money.”

Tara's only support - her mother who works as a domestic help

Tara’s mother, Manisha, works as a domestic help in Hyderabad. She’s the one helping Tara with the little she gets now. But what Manisha earns is just enough for them to get by, a surgery that costs 3 lakhs is more than they can manage.

“My mother is doing her best. I can’t even look for work here, I can’t leave Nishanth like this. He’s only getting sicker. When everything else was going wrong in my life, the only hope I found was that my baby’s disease is curable. He can survive this if I get help in time.”

All the odds were against Tara but she didn’t give up – only for her baby. Now she has 15 days to save him. Just 15 days to get 3 lakhs for his life-saving surgery. Tara can’t do it on her own. She needs your help.  

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