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17-Year-Old Nikita Bleeds Almost Daily, Only A Transplant Can Save Her Life

“How do you expect a person to survive, let alone move or do things when they are bleeding every day? My child is in pain, she is exhausted and just wants to live a normal life. But this disease, it’s killing her, and I am unable to do anything to make it better.” 

All this teenager wished for is a normal life

In June 2019, Nikita started having trouble with her menstrual cycle. She would bleed excessively and in that month alone, she had her periods thrice. She lost so much blood that she had to undergo a blood transfusion because she was critical. Her parents thought that everything would be okay. But the cycle repeated itself in July as well, and it just kept getting worse. Because of her condition, Nikita had to discontinue school and hasn't had the strength to return. All she wants is a normal life.

“The prescribed medicines didn’t work and she got weaker each day. She didn’t have the strength to even get up from bed and when she tried to, she would fall after taking 2-3 steps. I never thought it could get any worse but then, she started bleeding every day and lost consciousness frequently...” - mother

Without a transplant, her disease can turn into cancer

She was immediately referred to a hospital in Mumbai where a bone marrow test was done and she was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). It is a blood disorder caused by blood cells that are poorly formed or don't work properly.

Nikita’s current treatment brought her menstrual cycle back to normal, but it is not a permanent cure. The treatment can only slow the disease and will soon be rendered ineffective. She needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. She is vulnerable to infections and without the transplant, there is a high possibility that her disorder will turn into cancer.

Labourer parents can’t afford the transplant

“We are just daily wage labourers. My husband works on construction sites and I work in the fields. But since a few months, we are unable to earn even the little we used to. We sold whatever jewellery we had, took loans and borrowed from relatives...that’s how we managed so far. But this transplant is out of our reach. We are failing to save her and free her from this pain. I am scared to lose her.” 

The bone marrow transplant will cost INR 20 lakhs which these parents can never afford. They need your help to save Nikita. Your small donation can save her life. Click here to contribute.
Patient Nikita Chavan is 17 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in MCGM Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for High Risk Myeloblastic Syndrome

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