14-Year-Old Has Only 7 Days To Get A Life-Saving Transplant, Or He May Succumb To Deadly Blood Disease | Milaap
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14-Year-Old Has Only 7 Days To Get A Life-Saving Transplant, Or He May Succumb To Deadly Blood Disease

“He has been admitted for over a month and has become very weak. He shivers when the weather is too cold and has constant vomitting spells. Sometimes, he has seizures. Seeing him this way is so painful, if we think about it, we won’t be able to do what needs to be done. With a bone-marrow transplant, he can finally get better and come home with us.” – Venkateshwarulu, Mokshit’s father.

Mokshith fell sick last month and he can get better only with a BMT

Mokshith had completed class 8 and was looking forward to starting class 9. But during the summer vacations, he fell very sick and was diagnosed with a terrible condition. Mokshith has aplastic anemia where his body is not able to make certain types of blood cells. While he has been surviving with blood transfusions – it is not the cure for his condition.

“He has never once been sick. He has always been a healthy, happy child. On May 25, earlier this year, he had fever and his nose and mouth started bleeding and bruising. We took him to a hospital in Tirupati where we were told that something was wrong with his bone marrow. The doctor said that if the bleeding continued he would not make it. We got very scared and brought him to Chennai where they can give him the surgery he needs to save his life.” – Venkateshwarulu

Venkateshwarulu works as a driver in Sriharikota and is struggling to arrange for funds

Venkateshwarulu lives in Sullurpeta and works as a driver in Sriharikota. He earns a decent income that has been sufficient to support his family, but with Mokshith falling ill, he has been struggling to keep up the treatment expenses. So far, he has borrowed money, sold what little gold they have and taken help from relatives and well wishers. A bone marrow transplant is quite beyond his means, but he and his wife, Anita, are desperately hoping for a miracle that can save their child.

Mokshith is celebrating his 15th birthday too weak to even eat

“Today is his birthday. But he hasn't been able to enjoy this milestone at all. He vomited as soon as he woke up and had to be given drips and injections to prepare for radiation treatment. He has been in the hospital for a month now, and he is not supposed to have any exposure to any possible infection from outside. Only his mother stays with him. We just want him to get better and come home. This is all we are praying for.” – Venkateshwarulu

It is breaking his parents’ heart to see their child suffer so painfully from sickness. They are functioning on hope that he will one day get better and come home. Mokshith is already undergoing gruelling preparation for a bone marrow transplant. But it will all be for nothing if his family is unable to put together the amount needed for treatment.

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Patient Netteti Mokshith Kumar is 14 months old, living in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in Apollo Cancer Institutes, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Severe Plastic Anemia

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