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This Mother’s Cancer Has Damaged Her Kidneys And This Is Her Last Chance To Go Back To Her Kids

When cancer hit her for the third time, my wife Neetu told me ‘I will not be able to do this anymore. It’s better you ask the doctors to drug and kill me. I am done with the pain’. The rare cancer has failed her kidneys, even the urine catheter for her dialysis is infected now. I don’t know how long she will be able to fight,” Amit, Neetu’s husband.

Neetu cries in helplessness because she can’t be with her 7-year-old twins

Neetu’s twin children, Rishav and Manvi haven’t seen her in months. As she lies on the hospital bed, Neetu howls every time she sees her kids on the video call. The hospital is 40 km away from where Neetu and Amit live. Her body is in no condition to tolerate stress. She hasn’t gone back home for 2 months now. Even her kids have accepted now that their mamma is sick and can’t be with them.

“Initially when she had a severe stomach ache, we knew it was because my wife had an ovarian cyst. In December 2015, right before her cyst operation, doctors told us that her platelets have shockingly gone down to 11,000 (normal is between 1.5-4.5 lakhs). This meant if something went wrong during the operation, she could bleed to death. I wasn’t ready to take the chance. But what came after the tests, left me shaken.”

Multiple relapses have left Neetu very weak and her kidneys damaged

The young mother has a rare form of cancer called multiple myeloma cancer, a type of blood cancer in which a type of white blood cells multiplies abnormally. It can cause multiple organ damage and cause death instantly. For Neetu, her kidneys are already damaged. Other organs can fail anytime.

“Doctors told us it happens to people mostly over 55 years. I still don’t understand, then why Neetu. After rigorous chemotherapy for almost 5 months in 2016, Neetu seemed to be fine. We couldn’t do her bone marrow transplant because Neetu had become so weak that I could’ve lost her. Even after keeping her in extra care, cancer came back six months later. This time we were preparing her for the bone marrow transplant. By the time I could’ve arranged money for her transplant, cancer relapsed again.”

Cancer has kept this mother away from her sick son

What makes Neetu even sad is that she can’t be with her twin children in their growing years. Her son, Rishav has heart blockage. He would need a surgery soon. Neetu feels that she has failed as a mother. Neetu’s mother is taking care of the children at home. Amit is trying very hard to keep her spirits up. But after battling cancer twice already, Neetu is slowly giving up.

“I have to constantly stay at the hospital. Even I can’t be with the kids. Neetu’s condition is very critical and I am scared to leave her alone even for a moment. Cancer has sucked the life out of her. She was so happy and full of life. I never thought that there will be a day when she will not want to live anymore. It hurts when she keeps telling me to take care of the kids in her absence. I feel exhausted, but I am not ready to give up on her. Neither my kids nor I can imagine our lives without her.”

Shifting jobs has been hard, but losing Neetu is tougher for Amit

For the past 2 years, Amit had to quit his job several times. For the past 2 months that he has been in the hospital, Amit couldn’t work. He will have to find a new job again. He has been lucky enough to have friends and relatives who have stood by him in such hard times.

“I have already spent over Rs 40 lakhs in the past 2 years. Due to Neetu’s relapsing cancer, even friends and relatives have become reluctant to help us anymore. They don’t want to help any longer because they think she will die. This is her last chance and I have to save her at any cost.”

How you can help

Mother of twins, Neetu is suffering from a rare form of blood cancer. This is her last chance to get a bone marrow transplant. Her husband Amit is ready to do everything to save her. The only thing standing in the way is the money. The cost required to save her now is Rs 13.5 lakhs and Amit has nothing left to save his wife.

Your support can help this mother be with her kids again

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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