16-Year-Old Naziya Dreams Of A Better Future While She Lies On A Hospital Bed Fighting Blood Cancer | Milaap
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16-Year-Old Naziya Dreams Of A Better Future While She Lies On A Hospital Bed Fighting Blood Cancer

Soft-spoken and all smiles, 16-year-old Naziya loves going to school because she is good at her studies. Staying with her parents and two siblings in Kolhapur, Naziya had no idea of the difficult times ahead of her. A month back, Naziya was diagnosed with blood cancer, and life hasn't been same for this bright girl ever since.

Naziya had a chronic fever and cough for quite some time when her parents decided to take her to a local doctor for treatment Kolhapur. Even after multiple tests, the doctor couldn't pinpoint the exact cause of her illness. She continued taking antibiotics and fever medicines.

Naziya's parents' outside their house, Kolhapur.

However, over time, her condition started getting worse and her family got her to Mumbai for treatment. That is when they found that Naziya has a severe form of blood cancer and required urgent chemotherapy to survive. She started treatment at Tata Hospital, Mumbai.

Naziya with her uncle

Naziya's parents, Ilahi Basher (48) and Ajambi (40), are daily wage labourers and barely make Rs 100 per day. The amount depends on the work that they manage to find. There are times when the family has gone without food because there was no work. When they brought Naziya to Mumbai for her treatment, they left for their village in four days to make arrangements to work and feed their other two children. Naziya stayed back in Mumbai with an uncle.

"Naziya's parents barely make anything. They work from Monday to Saturday, and then go the market on Sunday with whatever little amount that has been made.The doctors say that we have to arrange for Rs 6 lakhs to ensure our Naziya's survival. How can they manage to pay that big a amount when earning a meager Rs 100 is also a struggle for them," says her uncle.

Naziya requires chemotherapy once in five days. She has to take a blood test every second day. She needs a good, regular diet to put up a fight against cancer. Naziya's parent's simply don't have the money. Even though her entire family has come together to help Naziya, arranging the funds alone can save her life. Her uncle himself has a chicken shop in Kolhapur and spends whatever he earns on the food and clothing of his family.

Naziya before she had cancer

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Despite being struggling financially, the family has left no stone unturned to ensure complete recovery for their daughter. They have moved across states and cities for the best possible treatment for Naziya – liquidating whatever little savings they had in the process. Now, they are in desperate need of financial help as time is running short for Naziya and they are nowhere close to putting together Rs 6 lakhs needed for her continuous chemotherapy.

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