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My 6-year-old Is Scared Of His Father Who Stares At Him Like A Stranger Unable To Recognize Him

It has been a little over a month since my 36-year-old husband, Narayan, had the accident. He had a sudden heart attack and fell down and hit his head. He is now in a deep coma. My husband, who was healthy and full of life – has not recognised us in all this time. Even when his eyes are open, he stares at us without any recognition.

My husband and I have one 6-year-old child – Rahul. We decided to have just one child and make sure he had a happy childhood. We both go to work in nearby shops and our son just started school. We had our share of difficulties before, but nothing like our present predicament.

I wake up in the morning and get my son ready for school. I make ganji (rice gruel) for my husband that I drop off at the hospital. I then rush to the shop where I work. My brother-in-law picks up and drops back Rahul. After work, we go to the hospital again to see my husband.

The doctors tell me he is in a 'deep coma'. Even if his eyes are open, he is not really seeing. It happened due to the sudden heart attack and it will take some time before he regains consciousness. He is very still. The staff attendants feed him and periodically even move him on the bed so he doesn't get sore.  

Narayan's mother is with him at the hospital too

The doctors have asked us not to give up hope

2 weeks ago, my husband started opening his eyes. Though they still see nothing, it feels like this is the big sign of improvement that we have been waiting for. Rahul especially was so happy to finally talk to his father. He misses playing and being carried by his strong, laughing father.

Rahul and his father

To my son's horror, his father just stared at him, as if he is a stranger. Even a 6-year-old can tell when there is simply nothing behind a stare. He ran back to me and hid behind me, confused thinking this was someone else. Slowly, we tell him that this is his father. He's been hurt in the head and is only not well. He will get better soon.

It is the belief that I have desperately been holding on to. The doctors tell us that this is a crucial period. That there is hope and that we need to wait one more month to determine what will happen. Till then he needs to stay in the hospital – so his condition does not get worse.  

But that is the biggest challenge right now. We both worked in shops and what little we saved is all gone. Thanks to our family's help, we managed to pay bills worth Rs 6 lakhs. There is still an outstanding amount left this keeps growing every day.

Every day he spends in the hospital is another day's treatment we can't afford

The hospital people ask us to take him home if we can't pay the bills, though the doctor recommends a longer stay. Every day, my husband's brother begs the hospital staff to give one more day's medical care. Convincing them is getting harder.

For my sake and for my son's sake I need to remember what he used to be before this happened. He is a valued salesperson where he works. He always has a mischievous smile on his face – ready to make a joke. I may hesitate, but he easily starts talking to even perfect strangers. That is the person we are waiting for.

I need to make sure that he is able to get medical care for at least another month. We need Rs 6.5 lakhs more to make that happen. 

Please help a desperate family with nowhere else to turn to.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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