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Help 14-year-old Muthumalathi, Daughter of a Daily Wage Worker to Get a Heart Surgery

14-year-old Muthumalathi is the only daughter of Kodimalar and Anandhi. She suffered quietly for months, but she is too sick to continue this way any more. Kodimalar is a daily wage worker. He is now struggling to save his daughter from a critical disease.

She has severe chest pain and breathing trouble

Muthumalathi is in class 9. She was raised in abject poverty and she has seen her father struggling dawn to dusk to make ends meet. She was determined to study and become an IAS officer and change her family's story. A few months back, she had severe fever and stomach pain. She also developed breathing trouble but she did not take it seriously. More importantly, she didn’t want her parents to panic.

Muthumalathi had congenital heart disease

She took medicines for fever and stomach pain. Later, when she could no longer bear the pain and breathlessness, she told her mother about it. After a series of tests, she was diagnosed to have a congenital heart disease. Her only cure was a surgery.

She has to get her surgery done at the earliest

“I didn’t expect that it would be such a critical problem. But what hurts worse than the pain is adding this much worry to my parents' lives. I wish I to completely recover. I want to study well and take care of my parents at least then,” says Muthumalathi

Mother cant bear that her daughter's life is at risk

Anandhi, is the one who keep's her child's dreams alive. She was the one who made big sacrifices to keep her children in school. Now she is completely shattered that this illness may take away everything Muthumalai worked so hard for. And the costs of keeping her alive are getting impossible to bear. Anandhi is emotionally broken.

Mother fears that her Muthumalathi may have to give up her studies due to  health issues

“I always tried to give an her education and all that she needed because I want her to live a happy life and not struggle like me. I’m prepared to do anything to help her in achieving her dreams but now I can’t bear that her life is at risk,” says her mother

Even if he works for years, he can't raise money for the surgery

Kodimalar is a daily wage worker. He barely manages the basic needs of his family with his income. Arranging money for the surgery is beyond his means. He feels bad that he is helpless and unable do anything to save his daughter. Muthumalathi is wise beyond her years and she tries her best not to break down and show her parents how scared she is.

Muthumalathi's family cannot afford surgery
“My daughter conceals her pain so we don't feel bad but we know she is scared. Whenever she sees people with heart problems on the TV, she begins to cry. She does not understand what exactly is wrong with her. She just thinks her heart is also rotten like the one they show in ads. I’m very anxious about her,” says Kodimalar.

How can you help

Kodimalar has to support his wife and his two daughters with his meager income. He and his wife are struggling to arrange money for her regular treatment. They need Rs 2 lakhs for the surgery which is an unimaginable amount for them. Your contributions will save her life.

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