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Little Farhan Is Lucky To Have 2 Mothers But None Of Them Can Save His Life

Ideally, in a perfect world Asmana would have been doting on little Farhan cherishing him in her arms. But right now, she is begging to save her adopted son's life in PICU suffering from multi-organ failure due to Covid. 

Asmana and Shapath were unable to conceive for 15 years after marriage. Despite numerous miscarriages, Asmana was subjected to harsh taunts from her relatives for not being able to give them a child. Unable to see her plight, her own brother and sister-in-law decided to give their new-born son to her for adoption. 

Her second chance to be a mother is also slipping away now

"In these 15 years, not a single day has gone by where I've not been made to feel incomplete because of my inability to bear my own child. Once my relative gave me their girl for adoption and just when I got emotionally attached to her, they took her away after 20 days. I went into depression and couldn't eat or sleep for days. Now when Allah gave me a second chance to be Farhan's mother, why is he taking him away from me too?"- Asmana, Farhan's adopted mother 

His organs are failing rapidly due to COVID

Farhan got Covid-19 when he was just 3-months old. Now he is suffering from Post-Covid Syndrome and was on ventilatory support in the PICU for over a month. He still needs prolonged hospitalization for his failing organs to recover from the damage inflicted by the antibodies as the infection has also spread to his blood now. To add to their miseries, they also discovered a hole in his heart and a constricted lung vessel that leaves him gasping for breath at times. 

Asmana (adopted mother) with Farhan

She picks rags for a living barely earning anything

Asmana is a ragpicker in her slum and Shapath works as a labourer unloading goods from trucks. Farhan's PICU care costs them Rs.25,000 per day. They need a total of Rs.12 lakhs to be able to keep him in PICU for 2 more months. Without life support, their little Farhan will not be able to survive for more than a few minutes. Farhan's birth parents have to fend for their 2 kids and despite trying to financially help Asmana and Shapath, they also have limited means. They all live in slums and don't have anything left to sustain themselves. 

It is unfortunate that instead of being with the baby, both Shapath and Asmana take turns to go out for their daily chores to be able to earn Rs.100-150 a day which is the only way they can't afford Farhan's medicines.

She gave her child away so that her sister-in-law could be a mother

Asmeena, Farhan's birth mother and Asmana's sister-in-law, is just like an elder sister to her. She believes that it was Allah's divine plan to even give them similar names - Asmana and Asmeena, like they are own sisters by heart if not by birth.

"I've seen her suffer since I was married into this family. There is not a single place of worship she has not visited to pray for a child. We have 2 kids already and by giving away my son if I could give her the joy of motherhood, I didn't have to think twice. Farhan is so lucky to get double the love from both his Ammis' (mothers). But it tears us apart, when we are already dealing with Farhan's critical condition and still everyone blames Asmana for being unlucky and bringing this cruel fate upon Farhan."- Asmeena, Farhan's birth mother

After 15 years of marriage, they can be parents once in their lifetime only with your generous contributions. Please help them save Farhan. 
Patient Mst. Farhan is 4 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Swastik Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Acute Sepsis

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