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Panipuri Seller's Son Will Bleed To Death Without An Urgent Transplant In The Next Week

"My neighbours have been buying me rations for the last two months. They have also come together and paid for my son’s treatment. My son is alive so far because of them, but even they cannot help anymore." - Amresh
9-year-old Mohit has been living in constant fear these days. He has stopped eating and talking, fearing if he chews his food or opens his mouth to talk, blood will come pouring out yet again. The little boy doesn’t know that he has Aplastic Anemia - a disease where the bone marrow gets damaged and the body stops producing enough new blood cells. The only way he can get better is through a bone marrow transplant which is completely out of his father’s means.

‘Transfusions every 2 days are not helping Mohit anymore’

Mohit was a healthy child up until January this year when he was diagnosed with this blood disease. His parents, Amresh and Beena, had no idea that those purple-red rashes, the blue bruises all over his body were the signs of something dangerous.
“There were small boils in his mouth that were paining - he wasn’t able to swallow anything, not even water. Those rashes on his body scared me. We took him to a doctor and the test results came as a big shock to us. His blood count was very low, we had to start him on transfusions immediately. Since then, he has been getting transfusions every 2 days - but they aren’t helping him anymore,” - Amresh, father.

Fresh air can give Mohit infections, so he cannot even open the window

Amresh and Beena can’t come to terms with the fact that their active, cheerful, happy-go-lucky little boy is now in the clutches of a dangerous disease in just a matter of days. He eats bland food and is not allowed to leave the four walls of his house because he runs the risk of getting fatal infections. He feels suffocated inside, but cannot even open the windows. The disease has sucked away all his energy and doesn’t even allow him to sit up on his bed.
There are nights when he can’t sleep due to the unbearable pain in his body. We sit beside him and try to calm him down, but the pain is just too much - sometimes he just cries himself to sleep.” - Beena, mother.

‘My neighbours and friends have been running my household for the past two months now’

Amresh is a panipuri-seller (street food seller) who makes about Rs 300 a day. He lives with his wife and three children in a rented place in Ramganj, Rajasthan. But sadly for him, the last few months he hasn’t been able to make anything. He has been taking care of his sick child, rushing him to the hospital every time he needed a blood transfusion.
spent all my savings for my father’s treatment but I couldn’t save him. Now my son needs a bone marrow transplant and his brother is a matched donor but I have no money to go forward with the treatment.”

Mohit is in unbearable pain, he screams in pain and fear when he sees blood coming out from his mouth. He has only 2 weeks left for the transplant, you can help him escape painful death

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