This Eid, The Only Wish This Family Has Is To Save Their 1-Year-Old From Death | Milaap
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This Eid, The Only Wish This Family Has Is To Save Their 1-Year-Old From Death

“I'm desperately waiting for him to call me 'Amma' again, but it has been 45 days since he has opened his eyes properly. He used to be so full of energy, never had time for naps - I used to struggle to put him to sleep. And now he is in the ICU, his condition is getting critical with every passing day. Every single minute of the day I live in fear that I will lose him,” - Shajitha, mother

He is sedated heavily to stop him from tugging at the wires

RIfath's parents never had to worry about his health as he was hitting all the milestones and was up very active. 2 months back, he began to vomit and he was sleeping all the time. He looked very pale. His parents thought it may be indigestion problem and took him to a local doctor. His legs were bit heavy and he was immediately admitted. They thought it is just fever and he would get better. But when Rifath got seizures, they were shocked beyond words. His condition did not improve even after weeks and they took him to another hospital. They found that his kidneys had stopped functioning and he needs dialysis. He got allergies all over his body due to heavy medication. He developed infections too that is spreading to the rest of his body. 

 "When he opens his eyes a little, I get little hope, I cry and tell him that I'm there for him but he dozes off in few minutes," - Shajitha.

Bills are piling up everyday and we need the money as soon as possible

Shahul Hameed supplies mineral water cans and earns around Rs 12,000 per month. His income was enough only for basic needs and hardly had any savings. He borrowed 2 lakhs from his relatives and managed to start the treatment. He needs 8 lakhs more and without your help he'll lose his child.

"All our family and friends are celebrating Eid today but we are at the hospital, watching our son suffering helplessly. He is Allah's gift to us, we cannot lose him just because we do not have money. Please help us to save him, we do not want anything else in life," - Shahul Hameed

For this Eid, you can gift a new life to Rifath 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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