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This Fruit Seller Has Just 2 Days To Save His 5-Month-Old From Heart Failure

Last night, baby Ahad’s condition deteriorated so much that he stopped breathing every 2 hours. Even though he was in the ICU, under observation, he’s only getting sicker. Ahad now can’t go on any longer without a heart surgery. Rajjak, a fruit seller, has just two days left to save him.

“We came to Delhi 15 days ago in an overcrowded train. We had to stand most of the way, and Ahad cried the whole night. We knew then that this was our only chance to save our baby and even borrowed money for our train tickets to bring him here. Now he’s running out of time.” – Rajjak, father

The baby couldn’t even drink milk without being in pain

A few days after his birth, Tarannum and Rajjak noticed that baby Ahad’s heartbeat was unusually fast. However, when the elders in their village came to visit him, they said it was nothing to worry about. They told them not to take such a small baby to the hospital. Some even suggested a homemade remedy. However, their baby was getting sicker.

He couldn’t drink milk. He would get breathless and start sweating a lot every time he did. He was always in pain and hungry, and we didn’t know why.”

It was only one month ago that they found out their only child has a heart disease which is causing oxygen-poor blood to be circulated in the body. Only a surgery could make it better. However by the time they took him to Delhi, his condition had deteriorated. He had to taken to the ICU and placed on oxygen support.

Rajjak can’t arrange for 5 lakhs in less than 48 hours on his own

Rajjak is a fruit and vegetable seller near a village in Saharanpur. He takes his cart early in the morning, through the streets, trying to make the most of the day. However, he manages to earn just about Rs. 300 on a good day. Rajjak and Tarannum have never had much to call their own, but they were getting by.

“Now, even affording meals has become difficult. I’m only a fruit seller, I can’t arrange for 5 lakhs in two years, let alone in two days, but the surgery is the only thing that can save my son. I need your help.”

How you can help

Rajjak and Tarannum are waiting outside the ICU where their 5-month-old baby now lies. As you read this, Rajjak is calling everyone he knows, trying to find a way to afford the surgery that Ahad needs. However, he’s at a dead-end. Rajjak needs your help to save his only child’s life.  

Baby Ahad has two days to get a heart surgery. Your support will save his life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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