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8-Year-Old With Brain Bleed Only Has Few Hours Left Without A Bone Marrow Transplant

Like any other 8-year-old, Ali was super active. He used to play and tease his sister all the time. He would help his father at his Kirana Store and go to school with a bag by his shoulders like he is lifting the entire weight of the world. Within a month everything changed.
“He started vomiting blood, not eating anything..weakness..and now his right hand and leg have stopped working. My child is slowly...dying. He can't move, eat or even see without help. He needs a transplant today...before the disease paralyses him completely or kills him. Allah what should I do...please show some mercy.” - Afsana, the mother

It all started with a nose bleed

Two months ago, Ali’s nose started to bleed quite frequently and it was very difficult to stop the bleeding. They visited many local doctors but nothing serious was diagnosed. Ali tried all the different medicines but nothing seemed to work.

“One day he vomited blood and that scared us. We rented a vehicle and left the village. The Doctors said he immediately needs a bone marrow transplant otherwise… otherwise they won’t be able to save him.”- Mohammad Khan,father

I am only left with my house, I sold everything

Mohammad Khan runs a small shop and the income generated from it was enough to have a peaceful life in their village. Now his income is not even sufficient for them to bear a day’s cost. Ali's 14-year-old sister is a match but they can't afford the treatment.

“How will I arrange 20 lakhs, I sold our lands,gold and I even took loans for his treatment but it is not enough. Even if I sell my house, it won't go for much in village. I don’t know how I will save him in a few hours. That's all I have.”- Mohammad Ali

He loved to eat and now he's surviving on drips

Ali was so fond of eating Biryani that he would stand along with his mother and watch her cook. He would ask her to put all his favourite vegetables in it and now he survives only on drips.

Potatoes, he would not eat biryani without a potato. I can’t believe he is lying there without any movement, I even cooked for him in the hope that he might get up and eat one bite of it but...he is not able to” - Afsana

With each passing moment, Ali’s health is getting worse. In the next few hours he has to go for a transplant or else he won’t survive. This 8 year old needs your help to recover and go back to his normal life. His brain is bleeding and his body has stopped working. With your kind help his misery can be put to an end.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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