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2-Year-Old Who Itches Till She Bleeds Needs An Urgent Liver Transplant

A little baby girl was born to Laxmi and Sreekanth. They named her Mithulashree. Within 3 days, their hapiness turned into worry as the baby had jaundice. She was admitted in the hospital for a month and was then discharged but never did they know that soon their baby will have a disease that can take her life.

We can't help but blame ourselves

After getting discharged the parents noticed something was wrong and went to the hospital. The doctors noticed her liver is larger than it should be and said it is not harmful. They gave her medicines but...

Doctor said she has enlarged liver and she will be fine but no, she is not fine,my child is dying. I wish I did something about that a year back, the situation would not have been this bad”- Sreekanth

It took an entire year to figure out that Mithulashree had a liver disease and needed a transplant. The thought kills the parents that their child would have not been in misery if they would have taken an action immediately.

“She didn’t grow,she didn’t walk,she didn’t put on any weight. So we were scared and went to the hospital where many tests were done...Now she might die if the treatment is not done”- Laxmi

It’s been days that she has slept peacefully

Mithulashree has just started speaking but her broken words are not enough to explain to her mother, the pain she is going through. She keeps crying and it has been several days that she has slept peacefully. Her entire body itches very badly. No, it is not a normal itch. It is unbearable for the 2 year old. No ointment or lotion can soothe that - Laxmi has tried everything. Now the only way she can feel better is through a transplant.

“Her entire body itches so bad, she can’t stop scratching. There are marks all over her body. She scratches herself  so badly that she starts bleeding,"- Laxmi

How can we afford the treatment

When the doctors said that the transplant will cost 16 lakhs, Sreekanth and Laxmi started working towards pooling that money somehow. They are not able to afford even the basic medicines any more. With each passing day,it is getting difficult for them.

“But it will never be enough to save her life. I am starting to lose hope now.I don't know how to protect her. ”- Sreekanth

Sreekanth and Laxmi are struggling to save their only child from failing liver. With your help, this child can have a normal life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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