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This Young Dancer's Leg Will Be Amputated Due To A Rapidly Spreading Cancer, She Needs Help

“She listened to me quietly when I said she has a tumour in her left leg. I told her she will be fine soon. The only thing she asked me after listening to all this was if she could return back to dancing. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I hugged her and promised that she would never have to stop dancing,” - Haridas, father.

This is a lie. But Haridas and his wife, Tanushree don’t think twice before lying to Neha. They don’t want her to know that she might lose her leg to a rapidly spreading cancer in her leg. They don’t want her to know that she might never get back on the stage, if they can’t afford the treatment.

Calcium tablets were not what Neha needed

It was the exam season and Neha was studying hard to fare well. She used to often stay up late to study. On one such night, when Tanushree got up to check on her, Neha said she had a bad ache in her left leg.
“We thought it was stress. The doctor we took her to gave her calcium tablets. ‘Make her sit in the sun’ - he said - ‘that and these tablets will make her fine’. I started giving her two glasses of milk instead of one,” - Tanushree,mother.

Nothing helped. In 3 days time, Tanushree noticed a swelling in her leg - she could hardly walk. Visits to the doctor and tests revealed that it was not calcium deficiency after all. Their daughter had a growing tumour in her left leg.

The parents fear that dancing will only be a memory for their daughter

Neha has had one round of chemotherapy - she needs 3 more before her surgery. She is responding well to the treatment but it needs to be continued. Otherwise, the cancer would spread and the 13-year-old will lose her leg.

Unaware of the consequences, Neha spends her days in her room - reading books or sometimes painting. It’s been almost 4 months since she has gone to school or met her friends. She misses all of that. But she believes her parents. She thinks the ‘vaccinations’ will cure her soon. She has lost her appetite and sometimes her pain doesn’t allow her to sleep but Neha is still positive. Her parents look at her innocent face and pray for their daughter’s recovery.

My debts are increasing and so are the hospital bills - how can I save my daughter?

The only child of Tanushree and Haridas, Neha means the world to them. Not a single day has passed when Haridas hasn’t gone out to seek help for his daughter. He has already borrowed from everyone he knew - that’s how he has been able to pay 1 lakh thus far.


For a person who makes only a few thousand in a month, 1 lakh is huge amount. But the doctors have told me that Neha’s treatment would cost me around 8 lakhs. The only way I can arrange for so much is if you help me,” - Haridas.

You are the only hope for these parents who are struggling to save their only child. Even a small contribution from your side will make a difference 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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