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This 5-Year-Old Is Fighting Blood Cancer Away From Her Mother

As Nurujjaman is holding Meskatun in his arms and trying to calm her down, he keeps thinking of how he can no longer afford his daughter’s cancer treatment.
“I can’t bear to see her in so much pain. It’s been just a month since we have started the treatment and already all my money has been spent. She needs at least 6 more months of chemotherapy but where will I get the money from? There’s only my house left - if I sell that then my entire family will be on the roads,” - Nurujjaman, father.

A splitting headache doesn’t let Meskatun get up from her bed

Just 2 months ago, 5-year-old Meskatun was diagnosed with blood cancer. This came as a complete shock to her parents. They could have never guessed that a simple fever could turn out to be so dangerous. Now she has a severe headache, she can’t even sit up.
“It was just fever, fever and a sharp pain in her legs. We were worried, obviously but who thinks of cancer? For us, cancer is something from which people don’t come back alive - is that what is going to happen to my daughter?

A sick child and a newborn at home - this father is torn between his children

Nurujjaman’s wife, Sajeda has given birth to a baby boy just 11 days ago. The mother and the baby are back at home - neither Meskatun nor Nurujjaman have seen him. Sajeda too is worried about her daughter, she wants to be with her but she can’t.
“Sajeda calls sometimes, whenever she can but she can hardly talk for more than 2 minutes. She ends up crying and hearing her cry, Meskatun also starts crying. I feel so helpless. I feel I have failed as a father. My newborn needs me so does my daughter fighting cancer, what should I do?

Meskatun has never been away from her mother for this long - she misses her terribly. She hates being in the hospital and getting injections. For the last one month, she has been in a lot of pain. She can hardly eat anything and the headache doesn’t allow her to sleep at night too.

This farmer has sold his only piece of land, he has nothing else with which he can save his daughter

Nurujjaman is a farmer in Bangladesh, he grows rice. He makes just about enough to support his wife, children and his ailing parents. When he got to know about Meskatun’s cancer, he didn’t think twice before selling the only source of his income, he sold his cows too.
I got another about 3 lakhs by selling all that but only a few thousand of that is left now. That wouldn’t even be enough for her medicines. I need 6 more lakhs to get my daughter treated. I need your help, I will lose Meskatun otherwise.”

This desperate father has no one he can turn to for help, a generous contribution from your side will save his 5-year-old daughter. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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