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14-Year-Old Has Been Left Weak And Haggard By Tuberculosis With Several Complications

“She’s always exhausted and sleepy from her medication. She’s also tired of the hospital visits and just wants to go back to how things used to be. She always talks about returning home once she’s recovered, but I don’t have the heart to tell her that it is going to take some time. I’m afraid that my sister’s condition could ruin her chance at living a normal life.” - Arbaz, brother

It started with jaundice and a severe infection, that affected her liver

“At first, nothing had seemed out of the ordinary. Then I noticed her skin had turned really pale, and the whites of her eyes had started yellowing. It was rather alarming, and I knew it wasn’t normal. I told our parents about it and we immediately took her to a local doctor. She was treated for jaundice, and in a week’s time she had recovered. But it wasn’t long before she started to have more troubles…” - Arbaz

Only days later, Mehajebin ran a high temperature and a severe cough that wouldn’t subside. They took her to several local doctors and hospitals, and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. But none of the medicines that were prescribed to her gave her any sort of relief.

“At a hospital in Guwahati, we learned that she had a chest infection, which turned out to be tuberculosis. We also found out that she had a liver problem caused by side-effects from the numerous medicines she had been given.” - Abbas, father

She suffers from several complications

Her condition didn’t seem to be getting any better despite the treatment she was receiving. Earlier last month, her family rushed her to a specialty hospital in Chennai, where she was diagnosed with tuberculosis, anemia, pneumonia, chronic infection, and septic shock. She is also extremely malnourished and weak, often suffers from breathlessness, and requires oxygen support.

Through all of this, 14-year-old Mehajebin has been completely unaware of the disease that is plaguing her, and her family intends to keep it that way while she focuses on getting better. The only way she can fully recover is if she remains in the hospital and receives treatment for a few more weeks.

“It’s been one issue after another, and just when we think she’s getting better, her condition starts spiralling again. What started with a mere cough and fever turned out to be so much more serious! For almost two years, she’s been endlessly fighting infection after infection. Why does my child have to endure this suffering?” - Archana, mother

He’s used up everything he had, he can’t afford the rest of his child’s treatment

Mehajebin’s father, Abbas, is a cleaner at a private company, earning only about INR 10,000 each month. As the sole breadwinner, his income is barely enough to keep the family afloat, let alone afford her treatment. He has spent 5.5 lakhs so far, which was already beyond his means. There is no way he can meet the rest of his daughter’s medical expenses.

“In my most desperate moment, I turned to my relatives and friends for help and only because of them I was able to come this far and get proper treatment for my daughter. The doctors are saying that her test results look promising and she is improving day by day, but she needs continued treatment. It will cost us 8 lakh rupees... I have no money, no resources, and nothing of value. How do I rid her of her suffering?” - Abbas

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Patient Mehjebin is 14 years old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Apollo children hospital, Chennai

Receiving PICU Care treatment for picu

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