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4-year-old Who Saw Both His Parents Fight Death Now Needs Your Help To Survive

"I was recovering from breast cancer. My husband just had his heart surgery. It was then we came to know that my son's liver was damaged completely but both of us were in no condition to donate. With each passing day his condition became worse, we had no other option but to wait for a call from the registry." - Jyoti Patil

"Cancer did not kill my spirit but my son's liver disease took away all the hope"

Jyoti's fight with breast cancer came to an end last year. She was recovering from the surgery and desperately trying  to make time for her 4-year-old son, Mayank, but another tragedy struck the family. Her husband Harish had a cardiac attack and he had to undergo a surgery. Just a while after Harish had been discharged, Mayank began to vomit blood. They were too shocked to think of anything. They rushed him to hospital and a CT scan revealed that his liver is damaged.  

"He did not have any symptoms before, we still do not understand how it happened. Despite all the physical pain and trauma, my husband and I struggled to remain strong for our son but when we came to know that his life is in danger, we were totally lost." - Jyoti.

"With absolutely no help for 6 months, I almost gave up all hope on his treatment"

Initially, doctors believed that medicines would cure Mayank but with each passing day his condition became worse. He became extremely weak with no strength to even stand on his own. The blood vomiting did not subside, and he was in unbearable pain. Doctors said a transplant is the only option left to save his life. Unfortunately, both Jyoti and Harish were not in a condition to donate liver owing to their ill health. There were no one in their family willing to help them, therefore they registered for liver transplant. Until this February, they did not hear any positive news and the transplant seemed out of reach. It was physically and emotionally exhausting to see their son dying slowly.

"I waited everyday for the call from doctors hoping that they would tell us that we got a matching donor. He was wailing out of pain and I feared that we might lose him. Finally on 9th Feb, we got the news that we have been waiting for. We did not have time for anything, his transplant was done immediately."

This family fought what they thought impossible, they can win the battle with your help

Mayank's terrifying journey did not come to an end with the transplant. He is still in pain and needs to continue his treatment to recover completely. Without proper post transplant care, all their struggles would go in vain. Harish is a clerk in an educational institute in Nasik and earns less than 15,000 per month. He has been asking help from his relatives but all he got is  Rs 40,000. The transplant costed 15 lakh and the post transplant care would cost 3 lakh per year. There is no way that he can afford it.

Though Mayank's parents concealed their pain from him, he has seen them in the hospital, sometimes unresponsive, away days at a time. Since then the hospital has always been his nightmare but now his life is confined to it. He needs your help to go home and live a normal life.

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