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Shopkeeper’s Son Has Only Few Weeks Before It’s Too Late To Save Him From Liver Disease

In a few days, Baby Mayank will turn 6 months old. Getting to this age has been a long painful journey. Only two months after his birth, he developed jaundice and shortly afterwards, his parents were told that he had end-stage liver disease. His distraught parents are struggling to arrange for an immediate liver transplant.

“There are no smiles for my child, only grief. He is always crying. Sometimes, we stroke his stomach and he is quiet for some time. Then he cries again. His face is yellow and his stomach is always swollen. He’s not even a year old and life is so painful for him.” – Hansraj, Mayank’s father.

Mayank’s parents are knocking on all doors to save him

“The Sethji (landlord) I work for is kind. I have borrowed so much from him, I have lost track. He understands that it is about saving my child, so he allows me to take off time. I am ready to fold my hands and beg for donations if it helps to save our baby.” – Hansraj

Hansraj works in a grain shop and has an understanding employer. He has borrowed heavily from him till now to keep Mayank alive till now. With a monthly income of Rs 12,000, he knows that the small loans he can take will not be enough to pay for a transplant. He and his wife Jyoti are praying for a miracle that will save their baby.

Mayank’s older sister is waiting for him to come home

Mayank’s older sister Aashi is waiting for her little brother to come home. She goes to the temple with her grandmother and prays for his health. She is often left behind as her parents and Mayank travel to Gurgaon for treatment. She calls her father every day, asking him when they’ll come back.

“My daughter tries to comfort us and asks us if her brother is better. I feel like crying when I have to tell her that he is not better. That he is still sick. It breaks my heart. She also cries and asks us to come back home. But what can I even do? My hands are all tied...”

Mayank only has weeks before it is too late

Mayank’s father is ready to donate a portion of his own liver to Mayank. Every day, the light in Mayank’s eyes is a little dimmer, his body a little weaker. Hansraj is in a terrible position, helpless to save his baby. He needs just a little helping hand in saving his child’s life.

Support this family in their terrible time and help baby Mayank live.
Patient Mayank Bansal is 6 months old, living in Gurugram, Haryana
Being treated by Dr Neelam Mohan in Medanta-The Medicity, Gurugram, Haryana

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Biliary cirrhosis

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