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This School Teacher Is Struggling To Get His Son Life-Saving Surgery Following Intestinal Rupture

“He has had two surgeries and spent more than a month without proper food – admitted in the hospital. He has become very weak and we haven’t even checked how much weight he has lost. He urgently needs a third surgery, but we have to wait for him to put on some weight before he can get it.” – Jawed Akhtar, Asad’s father

This past year, 13-year-old Asad has only felt pain and suffering. It started with unbearable stomach pain on December 24. An ultrasound detected a block in his kidney which would need a surgery. Since they assumed that the pain was due to the block in the kidney, his appendicitis was not detected until it was too late. Asad’s appendix burst leading to an intestine infection and rupture.

 “We don’t know how it started, he became ill so suddenly. When his appendix burst, we got immediate surgery, but then we noticed his food coming out of where the surgery wound was closed. He had developed a bad infection in his stomach and this time, his intestines had burst. He needed another surgery just to clean and stem it.” –  Jawed

Jawed is a government school teacher in Motihari, Bihar. He and his wife Samana Parveen both came to Delhi on December 31 for Asad's treatment. They have relatives in Delhi so they have a place to sleep at night, but they have borrowed heavily to keep Asad’s treatment going. They need funds to get him a surgery and remove the blockage in his kidney.  

“We have spent close to 10 lakhs on his surgeries so far. All of that is borrowed money. Now they are saying we need to arrange for that much amount again for his kidney surgery. But, it is beyond our means. That is why I am turning to you with the hope that you can help us save our child.” – Jawed

Jawed can no longer afford to keep Asad in the hospital and he has been discharged. He still has a bag attached to his stomach and needs to be taken to the hospital every day. His daily medical needs alone cost about Rs 2,000. Determined to save him, every day his parents somehow manage these funds so their son can get the help he needs.  

“Asad has become so weak, that on doctor’s orders we have to forcibly pick him up and make him walk. He used to be a happy child - so interested in studying, playing with his older brothers and watching cricket. Now he’s so frail and mostly talks of going home.” – Jawed

Asad needs a stent in his kidney urgently. Following this, once he is a bit healthier, he needs a surgery to save his kidney. His parents have been working very hard to get him all the care that he needs. But unless they can arrange funds for another surgery, Asad’s health will not get better.

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Patient master Asad Jawad is 13 years old, living in Munger, Bihar
Being treated in Apollo Indraprastha, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving treatment for Laparoscopic pyeloplasty

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