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Fighting Since Birth, This Baby's Liver Disease Has Now Reached It's End-Stage

A few months ago, Monika and Sourabh welcomed their first baby boy to the family. They were ecstatic to become parents to little Aarav. But little did they know that within a month, they will be running from one hospital to another with their newborn in their arms, trying to save his life from liver failure.

She was running around with her stitches just to save her son's life

"My son's abdomen started swelling up abnormally and I was terrified for his health. Without any delay we started from our village to the city hospital. I had a surgery and it was not even 2 weeks, so it was paining a lot becasue of my stitches but that was least of my worries. Worrying about my baby's health, I felt restess and I couldn't rest for even a day and this stress drastically reduced my body's ability to produce milk for my baby. It's been 8 months and I still don't have enough milk to feed my baby making him dependant on formula milk."- Monika, mother 

His bile ducts were missing and his body's water had dried up

Within a few days after Aarav's birth, he had Acute Jaundice. He was admitted to the hospital time and again but with no relief. At only 2 months, he underwent a surgery because his bile ducts were missing and the water in his body kept drying up. Hoping this to be the end of his suffering, his parents took him back to their village only to admit him again in PICU. This is when they realized that Aarav is suffering from an end-stage liver disease called Liver Cirrhosis. 

This disease has caused immense pressure on Aarav's kidneys too because his urine has stopped. His Jaundice levels (bilirubin levels) are 11 plus whereas the normal range should be less than 1. The only cure for Aarav is to undergo a Liver Transplantation urgently before even that option ceases to exist. 

He will have to lose his job to stay with his son at the hospital

Aarav's father, Sourabh, is in his hometown in Rajasthan because he has exhausted all his leaves from work. He has already got a warning and now if he lapses he will lose his job too. He can't afford to do that because he is the only earning member in his family.

"Every weekend I travel for 15 hours by bus to Delhi just to get a glimpse of my son. I'm terrified of leaving my wife and son alone in a big city like Delhi. By God's grace my wife is a matching donor for Aarav but despite that I don't have 20.5 lakhs to get his Transplant done. Every time I come, my wife looks at me with the hope that this time I've arranged the money. It shatters me because but I've nothing left in my pocket now."- Sourabh, father 

Little Aarav is living on borrowed time as with each passing day his health complications keep on aggravating. His growth is stunted and he is losing weight drastically. If his parents lose him despite having his mother as the matching donor they will never be able to forgive themselves.

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Patient Master Aarav Sidana is 8 months old, living in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan
Being treated in Max Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for liver cirrhosis

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