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Her Husband Left Her Because She Is Dying, But She's Still Fighting To Live

“I was told my kidneys had failed. I have never fallen sick, there were never any symptoms. I didn't understand how this had happened. But what hurt the most was, when I informed my husband and in-laws, instead of being supportive... My husband decided to leave me, at the very mention of my condition! He left after just 12 days of our wedding!" – Mary

She had been living with the disease for years, and she didn't know

Having been newly married, life was at its best for Mary. She quit her job, so she could move elsewhere. Everything was as per plan, till a week after the wedding. She complained of a splitting headache and her legs were slightly swollen. When taken to the doctor, multiple tests were run. The results knocked the breath out of her. She had been fighting a chronic renal disease for years and she hadn’t had the slightest idea.

Shocked with the turn of events, Mary is lost in self-doubt

Once very active and happy-go-lucky, Mary now lives a very different life. It has been days since she has stepped out of her house. She’s in agony, both mentally and physically. Her father, Joseph, and her brother, Stan try their best to support her.

“She is filled with doubts about herself. She asks me what will become of her. Sometimes, I see her crying all of a sudden. ‘Won’t I ever be able to have a married life or a baby, like others?’ she asks me. At times like that, I just... feel like breaking down. But I hold back my emotions, to give her strength.” – Joseph, father

An urgent kidney transplant is her only hope for survival

Mary has been undergoing dialysis twice a week, since May. Now her body has reached the limit and can’t take anymore dialysis. An immediate kidney transplant is her only hope for survival. Having registered for a kidney earlier, it might be available any minute. But the family has no funds to be able to afford the transplant.

Already neck-deep in debt, her family can't afford her surgery

Stan, the sole breadwinner for his family now, has a small vegetable shop that fetches him Rs.12,000 a month, at most. He has taken care of her dialysis for months now, and has debts everywhere. The transplant costs Rs. 8 lakhs and he is helpless.

“We lost our mother a few years back. Our father doesn’t work anymore. It was a struggle to organise her wedding and I am nowhere close to finish repaying the loans borrowed then. Now, this. I have lost track of what I owe people! I want to end her suffering, but I don't know how! I have no one left to ask money from!” - Stan, brother

Please contribute as much as you can, and save Mary's life. She needs a transplant at the earliest to survive.
Patient mary christina is 29 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Receiving treatment for Kidney failure

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