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This Father Has Put His Own Life At Risk To Save His 6-Year-Old Son From Heart Disease

2 years ago, little Manish had been playing at his aunt’s house, when his body turned pale and blue-ish. His aunt was the first to notice this, and frantically called his parents. Shocked by what he was hearing, the then 4-year-old boy’s father, Tejpal, who was in the midst of working, dropped everything he was doing and rushed Manish to a hospital.

The little boy was soon diagnosed with Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease, a combination of various heart defects, and immediately underwent surgery to stabilize his condition. But recently, Manish’s health deteriorated at an alarming pace and now his only chance at survival is an open-heart surgery, which his poor parents cannot afford.

They told us there was a hole in his heart 

Manish had always been a rather small and weak child. He was also late to achieve his growth milestones, having said his first word at 3 years old. His parents had only assumed he was a late bloomer and liked to take his time. But after the phone call from his panic-stricken sister, Tejpal realised they were sure signs of his son being terribly ill.

“I had never been so scared in my life. I am not well-educated, but when your child’s whole body has turned a different colour, you just know there is something wrong. We shuffled from hospital to hospital, city to city, in search of a cause. Finally in Delhi, we were told my son’s heart had a hole in it and he needed to be operated immediately.” - Tejpal, father

Now, 2 years later, the little boy’s condition has worsened 

Despite their poor financial situation, they managed to get the initial surgery done. They were also informed that Manish would require an open-heart surgery in the future, but not until he is a little older. Now, 6-year-old Manish’s condition is worse than before and he needs to get that surgery at the earliest or it won’t be long until he succumbs to this disease.

He suffered a heart attack, while stressing over expenses

“After my son’s diagnosis, I was constantly thinking about how I will afford the expensive surgery that he needs. I ended up suffering a heart attack from excessive stress, which by the Grace of God, wasn’t serious, but it did terrify me. The doctor told me that my heart was weak, and since then I’d been on medication.”

But ever since he learned how much the open-heart surgery will cost him, Tejpal quit taking the medication he was prescribed for his heart, in order to save money. But that is nothing in comparison to the exorbitant amount, INR 10 lakhs, that he needs to meet his son’s medical expenses.

Only a mere labourer, he is struggling to save his son

“I have spent everything I had so far on my son’s treatment. My elderly parents too are sick, and I can barely afford to take care of them. How will I possibly save my son with no money? After suffering from a heart attack, I haven’t even been able to work like I used to. If I exert myself even a little bit, I have breathing difficulties. My two children are my whole life. It kills me when Manish cries because he is in pain and suffering so much. I just want to be able to get my son the surgery so he can have a normal life, but I am failing miserably.”

The only earning member of the family, Tejpal is a labourer at a farm, while his wife, Prani, is a housewife. His income is hardly sufficient to put food on the table and support his family of 6. It is impossible for him to save his son on his own.

This desperate father has put his life on the line for his son. But, he needs your help. Through your contribution, Manish can get the open-heart surgery to spare his life. Click here to donate.
Patient Manish Kumar is 6 years old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Indraprastha Apollo, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Cyanotic congenital heart disease

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