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This 5-Year-Old Is In So Much Pain Due To Her Cancer That She Can't Even Move

“Why is my body aching so much, mummy? Why can't I move? When can we go home?"
She asks me these questions every day and I just control my tears. What should I tell her? She's just five years old, and she's battling cancer!
– Priyanka, sobbing

Madhura can’t move her arms and legs anymore

The nightmare started when Madhura complained of seemingly harmless leg pain. She was prescribed medicines, but the pain didn’t stop. Instead, she complained of arm pain the next day. The family had to consult several doctors for over 3.5 months before discovering she had cancer, and now the pain has gotten to a point where she can't even move.

She's only 5 but she has already impacted so many lives 

Madhura was very active in school before she got sick, and was everyone's favorite. Once her teachers and friends came to know what she is going through, the outpouring of love has not stopped.

"Her teachers call all the time, asking how she is. She has made such an impact on so many people, and she's only 5 years old! If something happens to her...” – Priyanka, mother.

I can’t afford the cost of my daughter’s treatment

Duryodhan, Madhura’s father, works as a labourer and earns a paltry sum of Rs. 6000 per month. With this amount, he feeds a family of six members. His meagre income is insufficient to get his child treated.
“I’m under debt. I have already spent Rs. 2 lakhs on her treatment. I have arranged all the money I could and now I’m helpless. My daughter should not suffer because of me!” – Duryodhan, father

Madhura is close to a healthy childhood but the only obstacle is the cost of treatment. Your contribution can help her return to school.
Patient Baby Madhura Jibhkate is 5 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated by Dr Nishad Dhakate in NCI, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for cancer

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