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A Skin Disease Is Eating Away This Boy’s Legs, Only An Urgent Surgery Can Save Him

"It all started as a small rash on his leg. We thought it would be a mosquito bite. But now, that small rash has become so dangerous that it is eating away my little boy’s leg. He cries all the time for he cannot move his own legs and we have to carry him everywhere. My child is in unbearable pain and I am scared that this infection may soon spread all over my child’s body and consume him alive. He needs a surgery at the earliest to recover but my husband is struggling to pay for it" - Sivashankari, mother.

3-year-old Madheswaran is a naughty little kid who hardly stays in his house and is always seen playing outdoors.  His mother used to worry about him for being up to some mischief every time but now all she prays for is to see her son walk and play again like before. When Madheshwaran’s parents noticed the rashes turning into blisters they got terrified. His body temperature spiked and they rushed him to the nearby hospital.

The rashes started spreading all over his legs overnight

First, there was just a boil, but within 2 hours it started spreading all over his legs. He was itching it like - lot. Then suddenly he lost consciousness. The doctors gave him an injection to stop the fever and pain but they couldn't tell them the reason for the infection. They had to go to a different hospital and there, after taking various tests they found out that Madheswaran has a skin lesion caused by bacteria. It had got into my child's bloodstream and is slowly spreading all over his legs

The infection turned into ulcers, making the wounds deep and hollow

Madheswaran is diagnosed with Ecthyma gangrenosum, a type of skin lesion and a pus-forming infection of the skin caused by bacteria. The blisters rapidly turn into ulcers but the bacteria may get into the bloodstream causing much more risks. Madheshwaran's wounds have become ulcers and have turned black and hollow and would continue if not treated soon. He needs skin grafting at the earliest to cure his disease and relieve him from the pain.

My son is scared to look down at his own legs. He cannot wear clothes due to the infection and the exposed wound is terrifying him. He starts crying and asks me when will those black things on his leg go. He cannot walk and we have to carry him to toilets or shift positions in the bed. Even I control my tears in front of him. The infection is eating my son and only surgery at the earliest can save my son from this struggle - mother.

This little boy needs to undergo surgery and skin grafting to lead a normal life. The whole procedure costs around 3 lakhs but his mechanic father cannot afford such a huge sum at a short time. He works as lorry-mechanic with a monthly income just of Rs. 8000. Karthik lost all his savings and had to sell his valuables earlier due to a loss in his previous business. He started his mechanic job only six months back and he is struggling even to manage the family needs with that little amount.

I couldn’t go to the mechanic shed for the past month due to my son’s illness. I don’t know whether they have fired me too. I cannot leave my son alone in the hospital and he wants us both to stay next to him all the time. I’m buying him medicines and paying the doctor's fee from the money that I borrowed from my brothers. But now, I don’t know how I’m going to arrange money for his surgery. I’m helpless. I wish to relieve my son from the pain that is killing him but I am scared that I might fail soon - father

Please help this 3-year-old boy who is in unbearable pain due to his skin disease. You can save him and reduce his sufferings through your generous contribution.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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