Parents Struggle To Save Their 8-Month-Old After Losing Other Son To Same Disease 3 days Ago | Milaap
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Parents Struggle To Save Their 8-Month-Old After Losing Other Son To Same Disease 3 days Ago

It has been just 3 days since my 5-year-old son passed away due to a dangerous disease. But my wife and I hardly had any time to mourn our child’s death. Our younger son, Luhit was in a critical condition. He is suffering from the same disease like his brother and now he has a severe brain infection. We didn’t get the time to treat our elder son but I will do anything to get Luhit cured - he is all we have got,” - Amar Singh, father of 8-month-old Luhit. 

Elders in our village had said that the disease was God’s gift, they said my children would be fine

About 15 days ago when Amar’s wife, Barfi Devi, noticed similar rashes in Kaushal (elder son) and Luhit’s body, she was scared. She went to the village elders who told her that there was nothing to worry about - it was measles but it was also a form of God’s gift. They said the children would be fine soon, the disease would only increase their immunity. 
“But the opposite happened. I lost one of my sons to this disease and now Luhit is in the ICU, fighting for his life. I don’t know if I should blame myself or my fate,” - Barfi Devi, mother. 

In the ambulance, Barfi kept checking if Luhit was breathing

After completing the funeral services of Kaushal, Amar and Barfi wasted no time to take Luhit to a better hospital in Jaipur. The 8-month-old was vomiting uncontrollably and was running a high temperature. He was too weak to even open his eyes. All the while, in the ambulance, Barfi kept checking if Luhit was breathing - she was afraid that she might lose him too.
“We went to two hospitals before we came to Surya where they admitted Luhit to the ICU immediately. It’s been about 4 days that Luhit has been admitted. Doctors have told us that the measles have affected his brain, he needs to be in the hospital for longer,” - Amar. 

The hospital bills are piling up and I don’t even have a rupee left with me

It has been over a week since Amar and Barfi have slept or eaten a full meal. These helpless parents are praying to God to save their younger son - they are still not over the shock of their elder son’s death a few days ago. Luhit needs to stay in the ICU for a longer period of time and that would cost Amar around 4 lakhs. For a daily wager who works in a construction site, this amount is impossible to arrange. 

“I used to make Rs 200 a day when I got work. I have no savings, not even a small piece of land that I can sell to continue my son’s treatment. I have been begging my relatives to help me but even they are very poor. Without help, I will lose Luhit as well - please help this desperate father.”

With no savings and no one to help, Amar and Barfi will lose their son to a dangerous brain infection. You can help them bring their baby boy home by making a small contribution. 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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