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4-Year-Old Slipped Into Coma And Lost Hand-Leg Movement To Type-1 Diabetes, You Can Help

“When the doctors come by to check on her, she asks us if she is sick. I only nod at her in reply, and it breaks my heart when her face falls at that. But she is only 4 years old and doesn’t really understand the gravity of it all. I’ve just been praying relentlessly for this nightmare to end, so we can take her back home. But right now, given the situation, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for us..” - Soma, mother

Her hands and legs became unresponsive and she fell into a coma

Khushi grew up a healthy child. There was never a time in her life, where she had fallen severely ill and had to be hospitalized. Until one fateful day in mid-February. The 4-year-old had been in high spirits, but come evening, she ran a cold and high fever. It wasn’t the fever that alarmed her parents, but what happened after that. Khushi was suddenly unable to move her hands and feet and neither could she talk.

“These symptoms were so uncanny - we had never seen anything like this before. It had spooked us to no end, and we wasted no time in taking Khushi to a local hospital. But, just as we reached the emergency ward, she fell unconscious. I felt my heart sink with dread when the doctors rushed to her aid, and informed us that she had fallen into diabetic coma.” - Raja, father

Her sugar levels dipped, affecting her liver and brain negatively

Khushi was diagnosed with type-1 mellitus diabetic ketoacidosis. Common in patients with type-1 diabetes, it is caused by build-up of ketones (measured in blood or urine) and low blood sugar. Since Khushi’s condition had gone undetected, her sugar levels unexpectedly dropped and sent her into diabetic coma for nearly 10 days. She was also put on ventilator support, as she started experiencing breathing troubles.

The discrepancies in her ketone and blood sugar had a direct impact on Khushi’s liver and brain function, even leading to some swelling in the brain, which caused her hands and legs to become unresponsive. Had her parents been even a few minutes late in getting her medical attention, she may have suffered permanent brain damage or succumbed to her condition.

Unaware of the exorbitant costs involved, these parents are now struggling to save their daughter

“Her condition is rather fragile, but the doctors assure us that she can recover with timely and appropriate treatment. We were elated by the news, after the hellish days we had to go through, watching helplessly as machines kept our daughter alive. They said she would need 4 shots of insulin a day, along with some other medicines. But it didn’t occur to me just how expensive her treatment would be, until the hospital billing department phoned me up to inform me about the pending medical costs.” - Raja

As the breadwinner of the family, Raja earns only INR 8,000 a month, working in retail. He and his wife, Soma, also work side jobs to make ends meet. But even then, their monthly income and savings are far less in comparison to the INR 8 lakhs they need for their daughter’s treatment. 

After spending everything they had and even using up the money that they borrowed from friends, these parents don’t even have enough to afford their daughter's insulin shots. They are reaching out for help, as they have exhausted all means to keep Khushi's treatment going. Your contributions can save her. Click here to donate.
Patient Kushi is 4 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for High Diabetes

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