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9-year-old Krupa's Heart Might Stop Beating Anytime And She Needs Urgent Surgery

9-year-old Krupa's parents have tried to make sure their daughter lives a carefree life. She is a prizewinning debator and top at academics in her school. Once in every few months, she falls very sick. Even a common cold can aggravate her complex heart defect and her condition is worsening. Krupa needs a heart surgery before it is too late to save her.

Krupa with her parents

Krupa father has never had the money for a surgery

Krupa's condition was caught when she was just a 2-month-old baby. However, her heart condition required a surgery that her body could not handle at that time. So her father put it off till she grew up a little and till he could collect the necessary funds.

“The doctor asked us to come back when she put on 10 kgs weight. But from that day – every time she fell sick – I have taken her to good hospitals in Mumbai, Pune and even Bangalore. In all these years – worry about her heart is not far from our minds,” says Deepak, Krupa's father.

Saving up for a surgery that was always out of reach

Deepak is a tailor in Nadurbar, Maharashtra. He earns a meager Rs 4,000 a month and despite all his intentions to save up some money for an operation, he has not been able to do so. All his savings have been eaten away by regular trips to hospitals out of town.

But Deepak's time is up because Krupa has reached an age where an immediate operation is necessary. She needs to get a surgery while she is still a child to completely recover. Waiting any longer could have deadly consequences.  

Good at academics and debate, Krupa is a favourite at school

Krupa's life has been marred by her heart condition

Krupa's heart condition is still easily fixable with a small operation. But even a few months' delay could make all the difference. Her father is painfully aware of how less time his sweet child has and is desperate to make Krupa's operation possible.

“Krupa talks and laughs like other children her age – but she is also the thinnest, weakest child in her class. My daughter wants to do everything, but we have to make sure she doesn't. She thinks that if she convinces us, it is okay for her to go take part in dance or sports – as her father, I am forced to be the person who places restrictions on her interests. I tell myself it is for her own good, but it feels bad to deprive a child of her simple happiness,” says Deepak.

Despite her active, curious mind, Krupa is severely underweight and weak

How you can help

Krupa needs a heart surgery that will cost the family Rs 3.5 lakhs. Deepak does not have the means to arrange for the procedure anytime soon. He has applied for various charities and grants and outside help is his only hope of ever curing his daughter.

Your contribution can not only fix her heart but give her a fighting chance at a normal life.

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