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Her Heart Is Failing And This 8-Year-Old Has Only A Week To Get An Urgent Surgery

8-year-old Krishna stands and watches her siblings and other kids play, ride their cycle and run happily. She wants to do all of that but she is afraid that she might stop breathing and die if she even tries to do so.

She can’t even walk without trembling let alone running and playing. She gets breathless and gasps heavily at the slightest of activities. This cruel disease doesn’t even let my child laugh in peace. It is so severe that she needs an urgent surgery to survive and I have just one week to save her.” - Kamala, mother

Despite trying their best they are failing to save her

Krishna was just 1-year old when she was diagnosed with heart disease. She has a hole in her heart and all these years they tried their best to save for her surgery but they are failing.

We didn’t have money, not even enough to buy her medicines. We knew a day would come when we won’t be able to delay the surgery anymore, so we started saving all the money we could. We never spent on anything other than basic necessities. My husband and I even skipped meals sometimes to save a little extra. I started working as daily wage labourer whenever I had time but none of it is enough now and we are running out of time.” - Kamala

Her illness never stopped her from doing what she loves

Due to her heart disease, Krishna had trouble having a normal growth. She is weak and pale but her illness never stopped her from doing what she loves- learning new things.

“She is little but is so intelligent. Although she could never be regular at school, she is always ahead of her classmates in her lessons. I can’t help but smile whenever I look at her teaching her siblings what she knows. But instead of feeling relieved, I am reminded of her failing heart when she suddenly starts gasping for breath. I don’t want her to suffer like this anymore.” - Kamala

They just have one week to save their daughter

“My child is sick and I can’t even be there with her. I am here driving a truck. I am a daily wager, I deliver loads to places within the city. I cannot afford to skip even a day at my job as it is the only source of income. But even if I drive the truck day and night, it will take me forever to earn the amount needed for my child’s treatment. I don’t have so much time, just a week to save my child. I don’t know what to do. I will lose her like this.” - Shri Bhagwan, the father, speaking over the phone

Without urgent surgery, Krishna won’t be able to make it. She needs your help. Your generous contributions can save this little child from heart failure and give her a new life. Click here to contribute.
Patient Krishna is 8 years old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Congenital Heart Disease

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