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Time Is Running Out For This Baby Fighting Liver Failure Since Birth, He Needs An Urgent Transplant

"It is nothing short of a blessing if a baby survives for 100 days because most babies don't make it for that long in the part of Myanmar we hail from. So when my newborn's liver started deteriorating, I was terrified of losing him because of no facilities available in our village to treat such a deadly disease."- Min Maung, father

Baby Khaing Maye Aung's 100-day naming ceremony


His belly kept on bulging because of his damaged liver

Just like all the other parents, Min Maung and Thwel Thaint celebrated this milestone with a ceremony and named their precious baby - Khaing Maye Aung. But their joy soon turned into misery when their baby's abdomen started swelling up.
"His belly would become so hard that we were not able to understand what was happening to him. By the time we took him to the doctors, his eyes and urine were stark yellow too. They got a few scans done and felt something is wrong with my baby's liver because it was retaining fluid. They drained it out twice but still within a day or too, it would bulge up. That is when we found out our baby's liver is severely damaged."- Thwel Thaint, mother

These parents were warned that further delay in transplant could lead to drastic consequences

Baby Khaing Maye Aung, who is now 6 months old, was born with a Congenital Liver Disease. His bile ducts are blocked and the only cure left now is for him to undergo a transplant, at the earliest. Seeing their baby suffer so much, these frantic parents have come all the way to India from Myanmar only to save their first-born at any cost.

"Someone we know asked us to immediately begin our baby's treatment. They got teary eyed seeing my baby's pain because they had lost their child to the same disease. They broke down and warned us not to delay his transplant, no matter what. Since that day, we have been desperately doing everything in our capacity to arrange INR 22.5 lakhs for our son's transplant. We dread if we wait further, our son will have to face the same terrible fate."- Min Maung, father

Mounting medical bills and loss of job has left these parents distraught

It's been a month, these young parents are tending to their baby in the hospital and hardly have any savings left. Being away from work for days has made them lose their job as primary teachers too, adding on to their financial woes. The treatment costs in their currency would amount to crores which is next to impossible for these parents to arrange at such a short notice. They need your help to save their only child now.

“He can’t turn out because of his bulging belly and that distresses him so much that he barely sleeps at night. Sometimes, I feel there is so much pain my little child is hiding from us because he can understand that it would hurt us too. He stares at me helplessly and that makes me cry so much because his cure is at our arm's length but I'm still unable to make his transplant happen."- Thwwel Thaint, mother

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Patient Khaing Maye Aung is 6 months old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Congenital liver damage

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