Police Constable Is Struggling To Keep His Daughter Alive, Cancer Can Take Away Her Life | Milaap
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Police Constable Is Struggling To Keep His Daughter Alive, Cancer Can Take Away Her Life

“People expect me to be very strong and capable of solving issues easily as I am in the police department. However, they don’t understand that I’m also a father and I have a weakness when it comes to family and emotions. I haven’t slept properly for days thinking about my daughter’s life and...and how to arrange the required money for her cancer treatment.” 
– Munian, Father.

Kavitha (14) is truly a policeman’s daughter in spirit. In spite of knowing that her life is in danger, she is extremely strong and poised . She has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She has completed 2 cycles and needs to continue chemotherapy to fight this disease.

A small injury led to her cancer diagnosis - her life changed

In January this year, Kavitha had a leg injury due to a slight fall while dancing. That wound turned into a small lump which did not heal even after a week, after which she was asked to undergo a blood test that revealed it to be a cancerous tumour.
"Nobody would have even imagined that such a small wound would turn out to be life-threatening, but it did. Kavitha was in so much pain that we had to take her to the hospital. I will never forget that day in my life where they told us that our daughter has bone cancer. I thought the doctor was joking at first…” Jaipriya, Mother

Kavitha is passionate about dancing and is not ready to give it up. She says that she will fight this however long it takes and get back to dancing and studies. She is her family’s biggest strength. Her elder and younger brothers are very fond of her and are a strong moral support for her and her parents.

“All my kids are very talented. I am grateful to God for giving me such wonderful kids. My only focus now is to save my daughter. I’m a head constable in the Tamil Nadu Police department and we live in Salem. I somehow managed to take care of the finances for the last 9 months through loans and borrowing from friends and family. But now I have nothing. Where will I go? Where will I get another 15 Lakhs?”- Munian, Father.
Munian needs help to save his daughter and you are his only hope now. He’s counting on you.