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He Thinks He’s Getting Painful Injections Because His Parents Are Punishing Him

"It's not easy seeing him cry all the time. He has noticed that we don't do anything when he is being pricked with needles, he now thinks that we are putting him through this pain on purpose, that we don’t care about him . He has started thinking that this hospital is his home and he just hates it. I just hope God gets us through this pain soon. I can’t live like this, watching my son in this condition"- Mayna, mother

Kaustav is just 2 and at an age where he should be playing at home, his days are passing in confines of hospital rooms. He has cancer. All the high dosage chemotherapy makes him drowsy and fearful. He can't understand why his parents are making him suffer like this. Even his parents are helpless. To take him back home as a healthy boy they have to make sure his chemotherapy continues.

Things fell apart for these young parents when they got the dreadful news

Kamlesh and Mayna were overjoyed because they felt their son, Kaustav, is their lucky charm. The day when Mayna got to know she was pregnant was also the day he got selected for the National Volunteer Force with an income of Rs.7,000. Everything was perfectly falling in to place.

"Till the first year, he was absolutely healthy. When he turned 2, I noticed a slight bulge on his stomach and he used to cry a lot whenever I used to feed him. Later on he had a lot of ulcers in his mouth. The doctors told us it was just food poisoning. Then even after the medications I saw his nose started bleeding and his lips started chapping so much that it would pain and bleed. But still I'm not able to accept it… how can all these symptoms turn out to be of blood cancer?" Mayna, mother 

They've been going to every hospital, just begging for someone to save their son

Kamlesh and Mayna knew the treatment wouldn’t be easy to afford. They wasted no time in selling their land and taking loans from people in the village. They collected 4 lakhs like that.

"I did that as soon as we got Kaustav's reports. But even after all of that, I could never imagine this would not even be half the amount needed to save him. I still need Rs. 8 lakhs more. My wife is staying with my son in the hospital, every day hopeful that I'll come with some good news that we got the money but now my heart breaks telling her the same thing again and again."- Kamlesh, father

"I took out my wedding necklace and told my husband to just sell it and get home whatever money he gets. He resisted but everything is meaningless if we can't save our Kaustav."- Mayna, mother

Kamlesh and Mayna are first-time parents and they had never expected their experience to be so painful. Only way to help them out now is if we make some generous contributions from our side to help them save their son, Kaustav.
Patient Kaustav Debsharma is 2 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr.Niharendu Ghara in Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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