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Baby Kathiresan Hasn't Even Uttered his First Word But Is Undergoing Cancer Diagnosis

“It has been 6 months since the doctor told us he has something called cancer. The doctor described it as a deadly disease that had the capacity to even take away my son’s life. He had not even started eating solid food when this happened to him.”- Devi, mother.

Even before his parents, Arumugam and Devi, could tonsure him according to their religious beliefs and donate his hair to the deity, cancer cruelly took it away. Little Kathiresan was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer that affects white blood cells that grow in the soft center of your bones, called the marrow. Now, all his helpless parents can do is pray daily that they do not lose him to the deadly disease.

They still cannot believe such a small baby could suffer from such a deadly disease

Arumugam and Devi are uneducated and illiterate. They do not know of many diseases except the usual cough, cold and fever. So when their son was first diagnosed, they had to be given a complete briefing on cancer and its implications by the doctor. They have not yet come to terms with his illness and are still shocked.

Never in my wildest dreams I had imagined that my baby boy would have to endure the pain of so many injections and have so many medicines even before he uttered his first word. Everyone looks at us with pity. We cannot sleep on some days thinking of the fate that has befallen us.” - Devi.

‘Doctors tell us he will need treatment for more than two years…how will we afford it?’

As baby Kathiresan’s cancer is spreading rapidly, he will need continued chemotherapy - for a minimum of two years – to be completely cured of it and be healthy again. It is with great difficulty that Arumugam, a daily wager from a small village in Sivagangai district, Tamil Nadu, started him on the first few cycles of chemotherapy that has kept him alive till now. He has run out of all funds and options to keep financing his son’s treatment and is asking for your help to save him.

“I am finding it very difficult to manage treatment expenses…some days there isn’t enough money to put food on the table too. It is getting very hard for us. Please help. We will lose our son without your support.” – Arumugam, father.

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Patient KATHIRESAN is 1 year old, living in Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Meenakshi Mission Hospital And Research Centre, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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