5-year-old Who Suffered Severe Burns After Falling Into A Bucket Of Boiling Water Needs Urgent Help | Milaap
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5-year-old Who Suffered Severe Burns After Falling Into A Bucket Of Boiling Water Needs Urgent Help

It was 7 am in the morning,  Karthikeya's mother Rajeswari was getting him ready for his bath. She had just placed a bucket of hot water near the bathroom. The poor child in a haste to get ready to go to school, stepped into it thinking that his mother has mixed cold water in it. He screamed in pain and Rajeswari rushed out to save him, but by that time already 40% of his body was burnt. He is now in ICU clinging to life, and only further medical attention can save his life.

"It took almost 7 hours to find a hospital that agreed to admit him"

Rajeswari was terrified and her husband Anil had just left for his work. She called him over phone and was crying frantically. He quickly came home and they took him in his auto. There was no bed available in the government hospital. Other nearby hospitals did not have facilities to treat burn injuries. They went to hospital after hospital, begging everyone to save him. After reaching out to every nook and corner of the city, finally they admitted him in Rainbow Children's Hospital and it was already 2 pm.

" In just a blink of an eye everything changed. His body was fully red because of the burns, his skin was peeling off. He was screaming in pain. I was scared to even touch him. I thought I would lose him." - Rajeswari.

"He begs me to give him food, but he can have only water and juice"

Karthikeya is in the ICU,  his little body is not able to bear the pain. He has no energy to talk. All he says is "Amma, I'm hungry, please give me idly". Doctors have strictly advised to give him only liquid diet.  He is highly prone to infections and only one parent is allowed at a time in the ICU but he cries and pleads both of them to stay near him. Poor parents are helpless and they are crying uncontrollably all the time.

"He was so active, he loves to sing and he has the sweetest voice,he can sing exactly the same after listening to a song just once. Now he can hardly speak. It was all my mistake, I never imagined this. Every scar in his body hurts me, I feel guilty. I'm not able to forgive myself." - Rajeswari.

"I'm only an auto driver, we cannot even have our next meal if I don't go for work"

Anil is an auto driver, he earns around Rs 20,000 per month but his income is not stable. It depends on the number of rides he gets in a day, and he cannot afford to take leaves frequently. In the past 2 days, he has spent Rs 2 lakh by borrowing from his friends and relatives. He needs 8 lakh more to continue the treatment, but he is stranded at the hospital with no one to help him.  Karthikeya cannot recover without continuing treatment for next 10 days. Anil needs your help to save his son.

5-year-old is burnt completely from chest down and is in excruciating  pain, without your help he will lose his life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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