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Even After Begging Everyone For Help To Save Their Son, They Return Home Empty-Handed

"All I want is to make my baby laugh or just ease him of his pain. I constantly massage his legs and cradle him tenderly in my arms, when I finally succeed in bringing a smile on his face it soon fades away. He begins to cry in pain again. My husband is running to everyone for help, but he comes home empty handed. We don't even have anyone to give us moral support, let alone help us financially." - Meena, Mother of 9-month-old baby Kalu Ram.

Every time he pees, he screams in pain

Kalu Ram's health deteriorated within a few months of his birth. He used to cry every day. His parents thought it must be due to stomach pain and his neighbors told them that some babies are always cranky for no reason. They thought that the medicines prescribed by the local doctors in their village would be sufficient. Unfortunately, it turned out to be very dangerous. It was only last month when he did not sleep continuously for 2 days did they take him to the hospital in Jaipur. They found out his kidneys are swelling due to which his urine fails to properly drain from the kidney to the bladder. He needs a surgery to cure his disease.

"Doctors asked us why we didn't bring him earlier, I do not know if I have to blame my fate or my ignorance. I never imagined that something bad would happen to my baby. Now there are tubes attached to his stomach, I do not understand his medical condition but I can see that he is in terrible pain. What hurts me most is that I cannot do anything to comfort him," - Meena

We have nothing left with us, we can't even afford our next meal

Sitaram is a farmer who doesn’t earn more than Rs. 50,000 in a year. Most of his earnings also depend on the yields. He was a teenager when his father died and left him a small land to cultivate, along with the responsibility to marry all his four sisters. This family of four is now staying in the hospital and desperately waiting for help.

"The harvest season is over in our place. We have exhausted all that we have earned during this year, we need 1 lakh for the surgery. Our relatives are poor like us, they are saying that they'll pray for our son but we need money to cure him. Please help us save him," - Sitaram

Your small contribution can save this 9-month-old baby's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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