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7-Year-Old Has Seizures Every 5 Minutes, His Parents Are Struggling To Save Him

" He just turned 7 in June, he was fine all these years, he never got sick even once. Now he is in ICU with so many machines around him. It' been 15 days my child did not even open his eyes yet. He is having continuous fits and all I can do is stand and watch him helplessly. I want my Junaid back safe." - Sara, mother

2 weeks ago Junaid had high fever and it did not subside. The parents rushed him to hospital but it reached 105 degrees. Soon he started having seizures and it did not stop. He has a condition called super refractory status epilepticus, in which these seizures repeat continuously at an interval of 5 minutes. It is highly dangerous and even fatal if not under proper medical care.

Three hospitals in 4 days Junaid is still critical

Sara and Saber took their child to 2 different hospitals in the next 4 days but even after hours of observation, his condition only got worse.

"Finally the hospital that we are in could stabilize him but his condition is still critical. Everyday I go and I pray to Allah that today my child will wake up but he stays there lying on the bed, he doesn't respond his mother's call." Sara breaks into tears

Sold our jewelries, borrowed all we can, we have nothing left to save our son 

The family put everything they had in their possession to save little Junaid but it is not enough. He needs at least a month's stay in the PICU under observation and continuous medical care. Without such care, Junaid will not be able to survive the fatal disease.

 "I am very scared that I will lose my son, I did everything. 11 lakhs... we sold gold and borrowed from everyone we know. We have nothing, absolutely nothing more to save him. 2 months, it will take two months for him to recover and I have no idea how to arrange for so much money. I am losing all hope."- Saber,father

 "I am a mechanic, I do not have much income neither do I have a network of people who can help. If I could keep my son alive till now, it was only because of my brothers and my family. 15 lakhs more? None of us have anything left. I am incapable of saving my son. I won't be able to live with this, I have to save my son..." - Saber

 She doesn't keep that well

 Sara is devastated at her son's condition. Her prayers are unanswered and her health isn't supporting that well too.
"She has high blood pressure and sugar levels with all that is going around, she doesn't take care of herself and neither can we blame her. Our son is very critical and we can 't do nothing but watch him suffer, waiting for him to open his eyes. If something happens to Junaid I won't be able to forgive myself and my wife... she will never recover, Junaid is everything to her," - Saber

Help these parents take their son home. Your kind help can save this 7 year old and give him a new life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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