This Farmer Begged and Borrowed 70 lakhs Only To Learn That Is Not Enough To Save His Son | Milaap
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This Farmer Begged and Borrowed 70 lakhs Only To Learn That Is Not Enough To Save His Son

9-year-old Joshik is fighting against blood cancer. His condition is deteriorating every day. His father had somehow managed for a bone-marrow-transplant but that's not enough. 

What we thought as malaria turned out to be life threatening cancer 

Joshik had just finished class 2 and was enjoying summer vacation. But in just three weeks, he developed a severe fever that didn't go down even after taking two courses of antibiotics. 
His parents thought it would be dengue or malaria but the tests showed cancer.They went to Hyderabad and started treatment. No matter what treatment was given, his blood counts did not improve.
Shivmohan is a farmer who earns about 15,000 a month from his farm in Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh. Bone marrow transplant is unaffordable for someone with such a meager income. He didn't give up and arranged for funds. Fate had something worse in store for Joshik. His surgery was unsuccessful because his cancer relapsed. 

I cannot see my son die in front of my eyes just because I am poor. I sold off all that I could and even had to take massive loans to arrange Rs. 70 lakhs for his treatment. Finally, they said it was not enough to save him.

Joshik who was once full of life is now crying in pain all the time 

Joshik is a very happy child. He loves watching films with strong heroes and playing outside. But now, away from home for months and undergoing the cancer treatment he is too tired. His body is too weak from the chemotherapy and the surgery. Most of the time he is lying in the hospital bed and crying inconsolably.

Shivamohan with Joshik before he fell sick with cancer

My son hates hospital food. I cook every day for him with a hope that he would like home food . Now even home food doesn't excite him anymore.

Joshik needs another surgery at the earliest but his father cannot afford to arrange any more money 

Joshik has stopped eating, he has lost all his hair. He has become very weak and silent. It is very painful for the parents to see their son not smile anymore. Now according to doctors, he needs another surgery to survive.This would cost them another 40 Lakhs. His parents have no resource left to afford another bone marrow transplant.

How you can help

Shivmohan has asked from every source possible for his son's treatment. Now he has absolutely no one who can help him except us. Joshik has stopped eating and talking. With our support, he can get his life back.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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