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"If My Wife Finds Out About Our Son's Blood Cancer, Her Weak Heart Won't Be Able To Bear It"

Krishna, Jay Prakash's mother, isn't aware that her 2-year old kid is in the grips of deadly blood cancer. While she thinks this father and son are out to play at the park, it is actually Shyam Sundar struggling to get Jay's treatment done at the hospital. 

"Every day it is getting difficult to hide about our son's blood cancer from my wife but I have no other way out now. She has been a heart patient and god knows what such shocking news could do to her weak heart. I take my son for his chemotherapy, lying to my wife that we are at the park or going for a routine check-up as our son has low blood counts. She believes me because how can a mother imagine her child fighting cancer at the tender age of 2?"- Shyam Sundar, father 

This little one has been fighting blood cancer for a month now

In April, Jay Prakash got a fever for the first time but had recovered from the medicines prescribed by the local doctor. This went on for the whole month making his parents suspicious of something being wrong with him, as his fever kept recurring. Despite increasing the dosage, those medicines still could not bring his fever down.

Things started escalating when Jay Prakash would vomit everything fed to him and there were black spots on his entire body out of nowhere. His blood had started clotting and a month later, Shyam Sundar found out about his son's acute leukemia. Since then, this poor father has been dealing with this devastating news on his own.


All those black bruises were actually blood clots

"My wife was terrified seeing black spots on my son's body and immediately called me back home from work, in the middle of the day. In front of her, I brushed it off telling her he might have just got injured from all his mischief, but in reality, I was panicking too. My baby's body was bruising itself due to severely low haemoglobin levels."- Shyam Sundar, father

If his chemotherapy stops midway, his cancer cells will multiply dangerously

Working at a plastic factory on a per-day-wage basis, Shyam Sundar knows that this job would never suffice for his son's treatment requiring INR 10 lakhs. In just two chemotherapy sessions and medical tests, he has exhausted his entire year's income.

"At first, I thought nothing could be worse than my son having blood cancer but little did I know that the worst was yet to come. Despite knowing there is a cure available and that my son can beat his cancer, I don't have lakhs of rupees to help him do that. I earn merely thousands in the entire year and to arrange 10 lakhs alone…would take me more than a decade. His cancer cells are aggressively multiplying and now if his chemo stops midway, I dread that my son won't have much time left."- Shyam Sundar, father

"Browsing through old photos, I can't remember a single photograph of my child where he wasn't smiling, but today, I long for that one smile on his face. This cancer has been eating my baby from inside and I just want to protect him at all costs. Please help me put the smile back on my son's face again."- Shyam Sundar, father

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Patient Jay Prakash Saha is 2 years old, living in Raiganj, West Bengal
Being treated in Park View Super Specialty Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia

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